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How British Are You?

Stereotypes don’t come about for no reason, and for the British, these include their undying love for tea and scones, their obsession with talking about the weather, amongst others. 

In a survey conducted in line with the Queen’s 90th birthday last week (Happy birthday, Queen Elizabeth!), 2,000 British participants identified the 50 most uniquely British traits that they clearly hold dear.

The British pride runs strong – more than half the participants responded that the Royal Family makes them feel patriotic; about 40% said that they feel patriotic when meeting people from the rest of the world.

Whether actually British or not… How British are you?

Do you…

1. Eat a traditional roast dinner on a Sunday

2. Put the kettle on in a crisis

3. Eat a full English Breakfast

4. Queue nicely

5. Cheer on the underdog

6. Go to the pub

7. Participate in Guy Fawkes night

8. Eat turkey on Christmas day

9. Have an avid interest in the weather at all times

10. Act overly polite

11. Celebrate Remembrance Day

12. Eat fish and chips on a Friday

13. Celebrate Shrove Tuesday

14. Say sorry when you’re not done anything wrong

15. Dunk biscuits in tea

16. Check the local weather report before travelling anywhere

17. Send and receive greeting cards

18. Adhere to rules (follow the arrows the correct way round the car park, for example)

19. Feel proud of your garden

20. Enjoy a cream tea in Devon

21. Eat pasties when visiting Cornwall

22. Enjoy witnessing the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace in London

23. Enjoy white weddings

24. Watch the Queen’s Speech on Christmas day

25. Get strawberries and cream out to watch Wimbledone

26. Keep a stiff upper lip at all times

27. Visit Pantomime at Christmas

28. Take the umbrella down before you get indoors

29. Consider a meat and two vegetables the staple parts of a main meal

30. Try to catch the very last rays of sun on a summer’s day

31. Tut or sigh loudly if someone jumps your queue, but not do anything about it

32. Have a barbecue at the first hint of sunshine (even if it’s raining!)

33. Take great pride in celebrating one-time special events

34. Take layers of clothing to the beach, just in case it gets cold

35. Think BBC’s the best thing on TV

36. Move around the garden to catch the sun rays through the day

37. Play conkers in the playground

38. Do gardening on a public holiday

39. Read the newspapers in the morning

40. Drink cider in Somerset

41. Do DIY on a public holiday weekend

42. Argue about politics

43. Instinctively want to go to the pub on a sunny day

44. Travel by black cabs and red buses in London

45. Enjoy a bit of Morris Dancing

46. Flock to the beach as soon as the temperature rises

47. Have a strong opinion about whether you put the milk in before the tea and hot water, or vice versa

48. Refuse to comlain about bad service

49. Do Maypole dancing to celebrate May Day

50. Obsess about the traffic


By Pinky Chng, April 2016


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