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How to Buy the Perfect Shoe for Kids

Your child uses his shoes for over 30 hours a week, and his feet increase by half a foot size every four to six months. So, his shoes must fit well, offer support and last until he outgrows them. Here’s what to look for when buying a pair of shoes:

  1. Laced shoes are best for feet that need extra support, as different shoe lacing techniques can be used for optimal shoe fit and grip.
  2. Look for insoles made of absorbent materials as children’s feet can perspire a lot.
  3. The heel counter of the shoe should fit his heel snugly.
  4. The heel should be low (2.5cm at most), but not completely flat.
  5. Uppers made of breathable materials such as leather, suede, canvas or mesh materials provide good ventilation.
  6. Look for a rounded toe box that doesn’t press on the toes or toenails.
  7. The outer sole should provide traction and shock absorption. It should be contoured and supportive in the mid foot area, and flexible in the forefoot area.


Brands we recommend trying:


North Star Safety First Footwear, $29.95, from Bata. This lightweight sneaker features a soft polyurethane upper and flexible rubber outsole, as well as a reflective strip for added safety. Visit www.bata.com.sg


Flex Frank White, $96, from Pediped Endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association, these are machine-washable, with cushioned arch supports, flexible rubber soles, and an extra insole to reduce the shoe size by almost half a size. Visit www.pediped.com.sg


Cooper Lace White, $79, from Stride Rite. Lightweight outsoles on these sneakers allow for maximum flexibility, while the leather upper and mesh linings provide comfort and breathability. Visit www.striderite.com.sg


By Nikki Fung, Young Parents, January 2015

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