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How Digital Learning Can Help Your Child (And How It Can Seriously Harm Them)

Defined as the ability to find, evaluate, utilise, share and create content using information technologies and the Internet, digital literacy is fast transforming the learning landscape.

Today, Information and Communications Technology, or ICT, is integrated across every discipline and subject, allowing students to connect with experts in the field; research and uncover different layers of information, collaborate online via Skype, blogs and forums; and even create games and creative prototypes.

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EtonHouse International School effective digital learning robotics and programming Singapore

For one, EtonHouse practises digital literacy in its classrooms in the form of Robotics and Programming, where students connect with real world issues by programming a robot to depict traffic light patterns and vehicle movements to understand transport systems, or display an understanding of math concepts like equations and algebra, and Design Technology, where they work with 3D pens and 3D printers and transfer learning from other disciplines into tangible 3D objects.

These activities facilitate logical thinking, problem-solving, spatial awareness and more.

Etonhouse International School effective digital learning using technology Singapore

EtonHouse believes that children should be taught how to create a positive digital footprint and how to be responsible and ethical global digital citizens. Which is why they also strongly emphasize on what digital literacy is not: cyberbullying and disregard for cyber security, which is detrimental to children’s cognitive health.

EtonHouse prioritises the development of lifelong learning skills, which is why it ensures that its ICT programme teaches children how to apply digital literacy in the real world. The programme empowers students to take smart risks, inspire others and engage in community development through authentic research projects and by using various multimedia application.

Students also have access to tinkering spaces that allow them to combine everyday objects with technology to co-construct knowledge and share their understanding with peers.

“With digital tools, your child will be able to actively and effectively engage, create, collaborate, communicate and share their perspectives – a lifelong skill that will benefit them in their education and in their future career,” says Vibha Sheth, ICT Specialist Teacher- Coordinator at the school’s Broadrick outlet.

Visit EtonHouse to understand what digital literacy looks like in its classrooms, or visit the website and schedule a chat with the team to learn how you can support your child on this dynamic learning journey.

EtonHouse International School
51 Broadrick Road, Singapore 439501
Tel: 6346 6922

EtonHouse International School offers an exceptional programme from preschool to secondary years. There are 12 other locations around Singapore. 


From The Finder Kids (Vol 18), April 2017

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