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How Getting Organised Can Help You To Regain Control Of Your Waistline

By Finder blogger: Nathalie Ricaud, professional organiser and founder of Get Organised & Beyond


Trying to lose weight but not getting anywhere? The answer might well be to get organised! 

Yes, really! Just look beyond the shape of your body to the state of your affairs.


1. Manage your time.

I know it sounds obvious, but if your goal is to be healthy and lose weight through exercise, you need to make time for exercise in your schedule. A lot of people start with the best intentions but quickly let their busy life take over.

Stay true to your personal preferences and energy levels. Do you prefer to exercise by yourself or with someone? Are you more energetic early in the morning or late in the afternoon? Set yourself realistic goals and select the activities that will help you achieve these goals. Pencil the time for exercise in your diary and make it a weekly routine.

Time is finite but we can control how we use it. That means making choices and getting rid of activities and tasks that do not serve any purpose in our lives. It also means learning to say no and to delegate.

I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s easier to do than you realise – as long as you are clear about your objectives and priorities in the various aspects of your life.

Of course, there will always be times when you will need to reshuffle your activities in your schedule.  But it is that much more achievable if you know what your priorities are.


2. Plan home-cooked and well-balanced meals.

Whether you are on a diet or not, my advice is to spend 30 minutes every week deciding what you are going to have for each meal of the week ahead. Then, go shopping with a list for the ingredients you need. This way, you’ll avoid spur of the moment purchases of random or junk food – food that will likely end up not being used and wasted – and there goes your money.

This habit will also help you minimise the number of times you eat out, especially in a place like Singapore with many tempting options. When we eat out, we often end up having bigger portions, and food likely loaded with higher fat and sugar.

Just like scheduling exercise, you will need to include these 30 minutes of meal planning in your diary if you want to make it happen. Trust me, it is worth the effort and will save you a lot of shopping and cooking time. 


3. De-clutter.

You should only keep in your home what you need and really use. That’s particularly true of the kitchen where we often find “gadgets” that serve only one purpose. If you struggle to find the utensils you need when you’re cooking, you are very likely to give up and eat out instead the next time. Remember the danger of eating out too frequently!

But de-clutter not only the kitchen, look also at your dining table. Is it covered with mail, newspapers, kids’ homework and the like? 

These things don’t belong there. If you can’t sit down and have your meals at the table, you will end up eating on the couch, very likely in front of the TV. And it’ll then become difficult to convince ourselves to spend time cooking nutritious food when nobody really pays attention to what or how much they eat! A lot could also be said about the benefits of eating at regular hours and with the rest of the family. 


Much effort can be put into losing weight. Build these habits into your life and they are likely to make a difference in the long run.  And not only on your weight, but on your overall well-being, with less stress and a better family life.


Don’t know how to get started, or stuck in a disorganised rut? Have a question you’d like answered? Send them over, and find them answered in an upcoming blog post!


About Nathalie Ricaud

Nathalie Ricaud is a Professional Organiser and the founder of Get Organised & Beyond, a Singapore-based company that helps individuals and families de-clutter and get organised so that they can regain control over their space, their time and most importantly their sanity.

She is also the author of a blog and gives plenty of tips on her Facebook page to help you make your life a little more organised. 


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