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How to Improve Your Skin Without Surgery at Mendis Aesthetics

Who says you need to have surgery to get better skin?

Not everyone wants to go under the knife or spend thousands of dollars on surgery. That’s why Mendis Aesthetics offers you an anti-aging solution in the form of Thermage. Designed for clients who have primarily thin and sagging skin around the eyes, face, neck, arms and body, Thermage uses patented radiofrequency (RF) technology to safely heat the deeper layers of skin, stimulating and promoting new collagen growth for younger looking skin

The treatment is suitable for all skin types and some results are visible after a single treatment. 

Thermage’s results can last for up to 1.5 years depending on your skin condition, aging process and, most importantly, your lifestyle. This is why Dr. Rohan Mendis believes that treatments aren’t the be-all, end-all solution. “One treatment alone cannot solve skin issues for a patient, just as an artist needs more than one colour of paint, the right combination of treatments will produce a masterpiece,” he explains. His approach to youthfulness: a combination of prevention, good nutrition, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle – a treatment plan that is customised for each patient by Dr. Mendis, depending on the patient’s needs. Add to this a regular maintenance programme, which will help to restore and rejuvenate the skin naturally. 

Mendis Aesthetics also offers Exilis to help tighten skin and eliminate unwanted body fat. The therapist will programme a combination and sequencing of the ultrasound and radio frequency waves and temperature designed to tighten your skin, stimulate collagen synthesis and assist in reducing unwanted fat. Unlike other technologies, Exilis uses a mono-polar radio frequency, which allows the frequency waves to penetrate deeper under your skin and exert more energy. It’s claimed this improved results. Exilis is suitable for treating the areas under the eyes, around the mouth, the chin and jawline, the neck, abdomen, arms and legs.

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