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How to Make Your Own Designer Lamp

Add ambience to your room with this DIY typography night light.


  1. Type out words of your choice and re-size letters to about 15 cm height. Choose font (we used Helvetica Bold). Print letters. Use a craft knife to cut them out to create stencils.
  2. Use a ruler to find the centre point on your canvas. Mark with pencil. Draw a horizontal line about 5 cm above and 5 cm below this point to get a guide to position letter stencils. Place stencils on canvas. Draw outline around them in pencil. Paint around the letters using black acrylic paint.
  3. When dry, turn canvas over (print facing down) and attach fluorescent or LED light to the back by screwing it to the top of the canvas frame. To make the light brighter, you can stick a sheet of kitchen foil under it.
  4. Attach fishing wire to the back of canvas to hang your night light on the wall.


Tip – get your craft materials from Art Friend or Home-Fix.


By Sylvia Ong, Singapore Women’s Weekly, August 2014

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