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How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?

A warm cuppa is an essential for many to start their day. And understandably so – its a great energy booster to get your engine running, and its perks (pun intended) are many. 

But can you possibly have too much of a good thing? 

Apparently so – studies show that more than 400mg of caffeine per day can put a person at risk of adverse effects. Not just restlessness or sleeplessness, but also heartburn, increased blood pressure, stomach ulcers, and other more serious issues. 

And because caffeine can stay in your body for up to 6 hours (and potentially even longer for some), it’s easy to overdo it. 

So how much is 400mg of caffeine? If it seems but an arbitrary number to you, here’s putting it in perspective. 

This video recently published by Business Insider tells you how much caffeine there is in each of your favourite drinks. So the next time you’re thinking of grabbing a Starbucks after lunch or reaching for a Red Bull in the fridge, you’ll be aware of your caffeine count. 


By Pinky Chng, April 2016


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