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How to Prepare Your Home for Emergencies

One of the best ways to ensure safety in your home is to be prepared. We’ll help you get sorted with our first aid checklist, fire safety kit and where to stock up on everything you need.


What You Should Have In Your First Aid Kit

The checklist below is a good place to start. You can also include antihistamines or medication for other common illnesses you or your family experience frequently. It’s important to remember that your kit should be stored in a clean, waterproof container to keep the contents safe. Be sure to check your first aid kit regularly, so you can throw out any items that are damaged or have expired.


  • Disposable gloves to protect the rescuer from infections
  • Tweezers to pull out stings and other small foreign objects embedded in the skin/wounds
  • Scissors to cut dressing, bandages and clothes
  • A resuscitation face shield to serve as a protective layer during CPR
  • Thermometer to measure human body temperature



  • First aid dressing to cover wounds
  • Sterile eye dressing to cover eye injuries
  • Adhesive plasters for superficial wounds
  • Sterile gauze pad to clean or cover wounds



  • Triangular bandages to immobilise fractures and as a secondary dressing
  • Crepe bandages for a secondary dressing
  • Adhesive tape


Where to Fill Your First Aid Kit

First Aid Medical Supplies

This reliable store offers a plentiful stock of supplies from various brands such as Dettol and Smith & Nephew, so you can choose the brand names you trust most. At 1 Jalan Kledek, Tel: 6292 0432

NHG Pharmacies

Islandwide locations make the National Healthcare Group pharmacy a convenient spot for a quick refill trip no matter where you are. Check out their website for what should go into your first aid kit and their pharmacists can help you select the appropriate first-aid supplies for your home. Tel: 6355 3000

Rehab Mart

This is a helpful place especially if you need unusual medical supplies or equipment like wheelchairs and ramps. They’ve got a ready-filled first aid kit available at $28.90 and you can order online. At 23 Cargo Lane, Tel: 6250 0555

Yeap Medical Supplies

They’ve got everything from small first aid kits to tourniquets and more heavy duty emergency equipment like defibrillators. You can also order online. At #06-91, North Spring Bizhub, Block 11 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Tel: 6848 1010


Where to Find Fire Safety Products


A fire and gas leak detection system continuously checks for symptoms of fi re and gas leaks. If you’re away from home and the alarms go off , not only will ADT will call to check on your safety, they’ll also notify the fire department for you. At #03-02, 31 International Business Park, Tel: 6389 8888

Fire Armour

Fire Armour is fully certified to service and maintain fire extinguishers too. At 14 Fan Yoong Road, Tel: 6266 6788

Firetronics Singapore

Besides extinguishers, Firetronics offers fi re alarms, smoke detectors and fi re suppression systems. At 14 Woodlands Walk, Tel: 6484 1201

Lingjack Singapore

There’s a wide variety of extinguishers available, and you can clarify which ones you’ll need at home before purchasing. At #03-01 Lingjack Industrial Building, 1 Woodlands Terrace, Tel: 6759 4163

Safi Equipment & Services

You’ll find sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems and much more to properly secure your home from any kind of fire. #01-04/18/20, Block 1001 Eunos Avenue 8, Tel: 6745 5151, Email: info@safiens.com


How to Use an Extinguisher

(Just remember to PASS)

P Pull out the safety pin while holding the extinguisher in an upright position.

A Am the nozzle at the vase of the fire. This removes the source of the fire.

S Squeeze the top lever to release the agent. Be sure to hold firm as letting go of the handle will stop the discharge.

S Sweep side to side to direct the discharge over the entire area of the fire.


More tips to help keep you and your family safe


By Hazel Vincent De Paul, The Finder, June 2015

Photo: 123rf.com

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