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How to Protect Yourself During Ghost Month

Yesterday we gave you some tips on what to do and not do during Ghost Month. Today we’re going to further help you with the best advice on the internet about how to protect yourself from the evil and vengeful ghosts. (But remember, not all are bad. Some are your deceased relatives to whom you should provide offerings and welcome back into your home.)

Feng Shui Protection has long been practiced at all times of year to help keep the energy surrounding you (chi) positive. Chi energy is everywhere and according to ancient Chinese practitioners, there is no “bad luck” because you are in control of the energy forces. There are steps you can take and actions that will help to ensure good chi.  

Therefore, Ghost Month is a time in which we need to be on high alert as the ghosts and spirits bring more negative chi. In addition to following our tips to appease and respect the ghosts, there are also actions you can take to protect yourself from taking on too much yin (negative) energy.


Keep the lights bright – especially in dark corners and at the entrances to your home.

Keep your house clean and tidy. No clutter, no mess, no dust, no dirt. Chi flows though all spaces. A clean and clear house, car, computer, not only brings a clean and clear mind but it also allows positive energy to protect you by easily clearing away the negative energy.

Carry a mirror with you. This allows you to deflect bad spirits while the mirror absorbs the negative energy.

Wear bright colours – red is especially auspicious. Other positive energy attracting colours are yellow, white, orange and gold. If these colours aren’t overflowing in your closet, don’t fret…colourful accessories count too!

Burn incense – outside your home. The incense will feed the hungry ghosts.

Light red lanterns or candles and keep outside your home, in a window or on your balcony.

The care and upkeep of your front door is of vital importance. You door should be strong, solid and balanced – no cracked pots or dead plants, no squeaking, and open widely without any obstacles.

If you really want to embrace these Chinese traditions, there are several amulets, talisman, crystals, and images (of various deities and symbols) you can display for further protection. Learn more here.


For more information about Ghost Month, click here.


By Kathleen Siddell, August 2015

Photo: 123rf.com

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