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How To Pack Properly For An INTERNATIONAL Move

How to move your life without losing your sanity.

Now that you know that you’re moving abroad, you’ll have to be ready for the actual move itself and – not to freak you out – that may not come so easily.

You can’t exactly just take your entire house with you, nor your current life, which means there are a lot of adjustments you’ll likely have to make when you move to another country. This includes, among others, what you pack.

But how to pack for an international move isn’t as simple as just setting off for a short holiday. Be it packing furniture or kitchen tools, these tips can help you figure out what you should be taking with you vs. leaving behind when you finally move abroad.

1. Make sure that you get plenty of moving boxes

If you’re looking to save money, there are ways to source packing materials for an affordable price. You can, for example, use used boxes that you can get for a low price or free.

If you want to keep things safe, however, use shipping boxes with thicker cardboard.

Just be careful, because thicker cardboard means heavier packing and you’ll have to pay more or have to ship less to save up on costs. International packers and movers such as Moovaz will cover all this so that you need not worry.

2. Make a decision on what not to take and pack with you

The truth is, it can be harder to leave things behind than to take them with you, but you’ll have to do it because you can’t take everything.

So, how do you do decide?

Well, that’s up to you. But, a good way of getting rid of items that you no longer have a use for is to make a clean sweep of your house. This way, you’ll know just how many things you have in your house and it’ll make it easier for you to decide which ones are worth taking.


You can also make extra money from all of your stuff by selling them online or hosting a garage sale. You can also choose to give them away if you want.

Finally, if there are some things that you just can’t let go of but can’t take with you, you can always find a self-storage facility where you can pay to keep your stuff safe.

3. Find the right international mover

Finding the right international moving service isn’t easy, but you’ll have to put in the effort. Otherwise, you’ll end up working with an incompetent company that won’t take care of your things and will get them to where you want them shipped late.

Moving to a different country isn’t easy either. You’re going to be adjusting to a lot of things, and the last thing that you want to do is to live in an unfamiliar house using unfamiliar things.

Make sure that you pack for an international move properly. Working with international furniture movers that deliver on their promises can help to make this monumental change in your life seamless and easier to handle.

Packing kitchen tools and appliances

packing kitchen tools

From the small items in the drawers and cupboards to the larger, bulkier items like your oven and pans, the kitchen is probably one of the most challenging places to pack for your relocation. Aside from the food items, the kitchen contains objects that vary in shapes and sizes – more so than any other rooms in your entire home.

To tackle this, try taking a systematic step-by-step approach to transport your kitchen essentials to your new home. Here are the 6 steps to securely pack kitchen tools and appliances.

1. Sort and select your kitchen items

Your kitchen might be filled with mini tools like a cookie-cutter, pizza slicer – basically, things that you can afford to leave behind and repurchase from your new country. Instead of uprooting your entire kitchen, you can first start by sorting your items based on what you need and need not bring along. Be very selective throughout this whole process. Once you’ve picked out the things you don’t plan to bring along, you can choose to donate or give them away.

2. Set aside some essential items

Once everything is packed in the box, your team of removalists will pick them up for storage and shipping. If you still wish to cook or expect to get busy in the kitchen, keep a small bag filled with the kitchen tools you need during your last few moments that you are spending in your old home and the first few days in your new home. This way, you’re saving cost from buying items you already have, but don’t have on hand.

3. Clean your kitchen tools and appliances


Before we get started with packing your items, it’s best to thoroughly clean and dry each of your kitchen items before packing them. This will keep you from transporting loose crumbs and grease to your new homes. It’ll also prevent your silverware from rusting during the journey.

4. Get the necessary packing materials

There’s no perfect-sized box to pack all your kitchen supplies. In fact, you’d probably need a variety of them, with varying materials depending on the items you plan to fill it with. For instance, large boxes are great for lightweight items like baking tins and kitchenware. Meanwhile, fragile and bulky items would require heavy-duty boxes that are much thicker. Don’t forget to get sufficient bubble wrap to prevent breakage during the journey.

5. Pack them in boxes

Before you place your appliances in the box, line them up with bubble wrap, newspapers, or a towel for added cushion. Then, carefully place your wrapped-items inside. To prevent them from moving around during the move, fill in the gap with crumpled paper, styrofoam or more bubble wrap.

6. Seal and label

Once you’re confident that you’ve packed all the items you need, it’s time to seal up the boxes. Clearly indicate or label the boxes with its respective contents so you will know where everything is. Your post-relocation self will surely thank you for all your effort. Also, mark the boxes with “fragile” stickers so your movers will take extra care when handling them.

Packing your furniture

packing furniture

When it comes to talking about how to pack for an international move, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is obviously how to get that your furniture sorted out. Our furniture reflects our décor tastes and is an important part of our homes. This is why most families opt for relocating their furniture when they move to a new country. Here is how to ensure its safety during this process.

1. Have proper packing supplies

Before you start moving your furniture around, it is important that you buy the best packing supply that your budget will allow. The packing material should include moving blankets, furniture pads, plastic or bubble wrap, packing tape, foam padding and others as per your needs. If you purchase and stock these materials in advance, you will ensure that your whole experience of packing and shifting is much easier and smoother. In addition, hiring international relocation services such as Moovaz can make this process even more efficient.

2. Clean your furniture before moving

Before you pack your furniture and start moving it, it is important that you clean it thoroughly. This will ensure that when you start decorating your new house, it will have sparkling furniture that will look splendid.

Otherwise, when you reach your new residence, you will have to clean your furniture along with finding the ropes of your new life. Also, make sure that there are no decorations sticking to your furniture so that it can be ensured that your furniture is in the best shape before you start shipping it.

3. Take pictures


Before you start packing your furniture, it is better to take pictures so that you will remember how your furniture looked before you sent it. If you plan on hiring using an international relocation service for transporting your stuff, it will be helpful if you document the state of your furniture before it is packed.

This will help you in comparing the state of your furniture after you have received them. Even if you are not hiring anyone to move your stuff to your new place of residence, it will be of great value for you to keep a record of your furniture. It will also help you to ensure that nothing is lost during transit. With professional international relocation services like Moovaz, however, you can be assured that your furniture will be taken care of without worry.

4. Disassemble your furniture before moving, if possible

If your furniture can be disassembled before it can be moved, then it should be done. This will ensure that your furniture is transported in the safest way possible and will occupy much less space. The tighter and carefully the furniture is packed, the lesser the chances of it becoming damaged.

5. Wrap your furniture safely

It is very important to ensure that your furniture is properly packed and transported safely. This implies that it should have proper padding, should be packed properly in the moving vehicle and larger items should be tied down so that they do not move while being transported. If you need help with this, professional relocation companies like Moovaz can come to your rescue.

6. Label your furniture

In order to make sure that your furniture is not being moved unnecessarily in throughout your house, it is important that you label all of your boxes correctly. You can label them according to their contents in the boxes so that you do not have a problem when unpacking.

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