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How To Prevent Lizards In The House WITHOUT Using Pesticides

Welcome to Singapore... and its friendly reptiles!

Try these 10 hacks for a lizard-free home.

Saw a lizard scuttering its way across your kitchen? First off: Don’t. Freak. Out. These creatures are commonplace in Singapore and, generally speaking, are pretty harmless. (Now, snakes are a-whole-nother thing.)

But, yes, it would be great if the lizards could stay in the great outdoors, and leave the inside of your house to you. (If you’re not sure if lizards are actually in your house, but you have your suspicions, read about some tell-tale signs they leave behind.)

The good news? When it comes to how to prevent lizards in your house, it’s not that difficult to shoo them away and keep them away. Here’s how to get rid of lizards in your house naturally – no chemical pesticides required!

1. Keep your house clean

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Lizards – like most pests – scour a house for insects or food. So, first things first: Get rid of bugs and unwanted food trash in your home, and these little lizards will naturally not want to hang out in your home. 

2. Egg shells

Lizards are said to hate the smell of eggs, so strew some egg shells around the house or in the kitchen. Try not to wash them before putting them out. Instead, wipe them dry and leave them to more effectively ward off unwanted lizards in your home.

3. Coffee powder

Just like cockroaches, lizards are said to dislike the strong odour of coffee powder. Better yet, mix coffee and tobacco powder, which is poisonous to lizards, and leave around corners of the house to deter lizards from entering your home.

4. Garlic

Lizards also allegedly hate the smell that enzymes in garlic emit, so if you’re having a lizard problem around the kitchen, simply leave some garlic cloves around your kitchen counter.

5. Onions

Just like garlic, the pungent smell of onions are said to be great at keeping lizards at bay. Hang onions near windows or potential lizards’ hiding places, or make an onion juice spray to lightly spray on your countertop.

6. Pepper

Lizards are believed to hate the “spicy” odour of pepper. So, if you’re hell bent on getting them out of the house, pour some peper into a porous bag and let it do its thing.

7. Chilli powder

Again, chilli powder is another effective method to get rid of lizards, thanks to their spicy scent. Lace suspecting areas with chilli powder (or, again, make into a spray).

8. Dried chillies

Not keen on leaving powder packets around the house? Leave dried chilli out instead. They’re easy to find at supermarkets and wet markets in Singapore, and work the same way chilli powder does.

9. Bleach

Clean infected areas with bleach. Lizards understandably dislike the smell of chemicals and the odour from bleach can feel foreign or even “dangerous” to them.

10. Cold water spray

If you’re against using chemicals at home, try this simple solution: As lizards are cold-blooded creatures that prefer warm environments, the sudden cold will shock them into staying in place, which makes it easier for you to remove them from your home.

By Atika Lim, The Singapore Women’s Weekly, February 2017 / Updated February 2020 / Last updated by Sara Lyle Bow

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