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7 Indispensable Tech Essentials You HAVE TO Bring On Your Travels

You don’t want to be left stranded in a foreign land.

Hilary Clinton once said life is too short, time too precious and the stakes too high to dwell on what might have been. She may have bigger things in mind than taking a vacation but hey, to us the stakes are high as well right? Especially when for some of us, it’s all that we have to look forward to, made rarer because we only have 14 or 21 days of leave. Time for us is precious too so we have to be well-prepared and well-connected for Murphy (You know, his law).

The single most indispensable piece of tech would of course be our mobile phones, an almighty multi-hyphenate that is our camera, computer, map, travel agent and more all rolled into one. To keep this device alive, we need another host of things. Here’s a list of all the essentials you need to survive on a holiday.

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By Nathan Ng, February 2019 / Updated by Muneerah Bee, May 2019

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