INSPIRING Work From Home Spaces That’ll Give You Ideas For Your Own

By this time, you may feel like a work-from-home pro.

From changing out of your sleepwear to getting in an early run every morning, sticking to a routine can help give you a greater sense of normality in this new, anything-but-normal Covid-19 world.

But even with your new daily rhythm, home office ideas may still be eluding you. Your space has the power to impact not only how you feel, but the quality of your work.

Ideally, your WFH space shouldn’t be your bed or sofa; a proper desk and chair makes for a much more conducive environment. It also ensures you don’t end up with niggling aches in your back and neck (if you already have some, try these helpful posture tips).

We’ve rounded up some Instagram-spiration for upgrading your own work-from-home zone. Your “commute” is about to get a lot more exciting.

1. Black and white (and bright all over!)

These crisp, cleaning-looking spaces aren’t too stark or devoid of personality, thanks to graphic accents in black and white – two colours that do indeed go with everything. They pack a high-contrast punch sure to keep you sharp on your next assignment.


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2. Naturally neutral

A subtle variation on the spaces above, this set-up is a skosh warmer and more cosy. What’s the trick? Layering on natural woven and wooden accents, plus nubby textures in neutral tones. Cottage-chic meets crisp and classic — you really can’t go wrong.


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3. Colourful corner

To define your “home office” when it’s actually just a chunk of the living room, create an accent wall (or corner) with a splash of paint. This visual separation cues you to be fully present when at “work,” even if you’re just at the foot of your bed. (Don’t worry, you can always cover it up when you move out if you live in a rental.)

4. Bold focal point

Yep, these are a lot of look. That’s the idea. Nestling your desk near an eye-catching wallpaper is more invigorating than staring at a blank wall all day and, like paint, it can help to establish an office zone. Too much commitment? Wall decals achieve a similar but shorter-term effect.


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5. Add some accessories

Little pops of colour or playful, personal touches can make a major difference to your mindset when you set down to work each day. Keep the area monochromatic – like the orange room below – or quietly colorful for your mini-makeover. A rainbow explosion can be downright distracting.

At the end of the day, remember: When it comes to decorating your WFH space, you are the boss.

Some text adapted from Home & Decor and Alvin Lim, The Peak, April 2020 / Additional Reporting: Sara Lyle Bow, May 2020 / Last updated by Brooke Glassberg / Image: Elsa Noblet

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