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Sunblock For Young Eyes: Slow Down MYOPIA With These Kids Sunglasses

Spending more time outdoors can slow the progression of myopia. Eyelet shares how to protect your child’s peepers.

Not-so-fun fact: Singapore has been labelled the myopic capital of the world – with 65 percent of its children being myopic by Primary 6 (12 years old).

There’s a misconception that genetics is the sole reason for a child’s myopia, as environmental factors can play a huge role in myopia development, too. Too much sun is said to quicken myopia progression, which is why kids sunglasses do more than shading those peepers.

Eyelet Eyewear is all about creating specially engineered eyewear solutions for children aged 5 to 16, with products that follow them through their formative years. Read on as Eyelet explains how you can help to slow the progression of myopia in your child – and how to do so, safely.

What causes myopia

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A review on the prevalence of childhood myopia published in 2016 found that children living in urban areas are 2.6 times more likely to develop myopia, compared to those in rural areas. Why? Frequent “near” work activities, such as reading and writing, are contributing factors. This, coupled with increased screen time, creates the ideal breeding ground for myopia.

However, based on a 2015 World Health Organization’s report on the impact of myopia, spending more than two hours outdoors every day reduces the risk of children developing myopia. Being outdoors can also slow down its progression, for those already diagnosed with the condition.

The dangers of UV ray exposure

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Unfortunately, spending more time outside doesn’t solve the problem entirely. In fact, increased exposure to UV rays without proper eye protection can increase the risk of eye diseases, such as early cataracts and keratitis (cornea burns). The lens of a child’s eye transmits about 70 percent more UV than an adult’s, posing a greater risk of retinal injury. This is why eye protection is of vital importance – especially in a sunny place like Singapore!

Eye protection from the sun

eyelet asia kids sunglasses sunplus

While sunglasses are essential for children, they can be inconvenient, costly or simply unfeasible for children wearing glasses. Eyelet’s newly released patented product – the Eyelet SunPlus – aims to solve all these issues related to existing sunglass options. Here’s why you should consider getting the Eyelet SunPlus:

  1. Super-adaptable structure. Its elastic band can stretch up to 2.3 times its original length, creating flexibility to fit many spectacles of various shapes, sizes and thickness. It can fit any frame firmly, when attached onto spectacle frames – making it perfect for active children.
  2. One is all you need. It is extremely cost-effective, due to its high adaptability to fit a wide variety of frame sizes. As a result, you don’t need to constantly replace it.
  3. Optimal coverage. Its lenses are as wide as regular sunglasses, providing optimal coverage and protection from UV rays.
  4. User-friendly. Easily attach and detach them when not in use. This saves storage space as it can be folded to fit into a small pouch.

Exclusive discount!

Want to find out more? Go to Eyelet Eyewear’s site. Ready to buy? Use the exclusive promo code “URBAFIN20”, for 20 percent off your Eyelet SunPlus purchase on Shopee and Lazada SG (Urband International).

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