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Look and Feel Your Best on Your Wedding Day

You’ve booked the venue, bought the rings, and even ordered the cake… Now all you need to do is take care of yourself. If you want to hit the aisle in style and slip into that designer white dress, download these apps that will help you shape up, slim down and boost your energy levels for your big day.


Fitivity Bridal Bootcamp

What: A multi-level training programme created with the help of wedding guru Mercedes Wilson, Fitivity Bridal Bootcamp will help you sculpt your body and have you shimmy into that little white dress.

How: Fitivity’s trainers have put together an array of workouts that target your upper and lower body, and abs. And you can also track your workout—from the moment you warm up to when you cool down.

X-factor: The high success rate of this app can be attributed to the animated demonstrations that meticulously break down every workout to suit your fitness level. The detailed video coaching targets specific areas of your body—head to toe, no part is left unattended.


Seven Minute Workout Challenge

What: A fitness app designed to accommodate your busy schedule. This app boasts 12 exercises that can all be performed in – you guessed it—seven minutes.

How: When the whistle blows, you perform each exercise for 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. Researchers have found that this high intensity training boosts your metabolism and is the equivalent of working out for more than an hour. You just need to find 7 minutes in your day.

X-factor: Every second month you stay in the challenge, you unlock a new workout. What’s more? They also email you a reminder that it’s time to work out.

Pocket Yoga

What: Wedding planning can definitely be rather overwhelming at times, so a little yoga will go a long way towards relaxing your body and mind. No-one wants to turn into a frenzied Bridezilla so consider becoming a Zen master instead with Pocket Yoga.

How: Roll out your yoga mat, choose your yoga type, difficulty level and duration and then let the soothing voice guide you through your practice. With calming music playing in the background, this workout aims to get your body more toned and defined with every inhale and exhale.

X-factor: If you need a little help to get into the zone, you can change the scene on your screen to suit your mood—choose from a desert, mountain or lakeside environment.


FIT Radio

What: Manually putting together a workout playlist is a thing of the past. Specially catered to exercise enthusiasts, FIT Radio varied mixes are sure to get your heart (and body!) pumping along with the beat. 

How: For all songs provided by FIT Radio, the same rhythm and BPM (beats per minute) are maintained throughout so that your energy level remains high and you remain focused. Simply choose your favourite genre, click play, and get ready to have your legs moving to the upbeat music.

X-factor: Powered by real, professional DJs from all over the world, FIT Radio turns your workout into a mini-dance party.

Nike Training Club

What:  The Nike Training Club acts as your personal instructor and helps you stay motivated to exercise better. A product of the popular sports brand, this app is packed with an assortment of training drills for brides-to-be. 

How: The Nike Training Club’s inventory is stocked full with more than 100 full-body workouts implemented by Nike Master Trainers and monthly workouts led by famous athletes. The app also gives you the chance to customise your individual exercise agenda to your preferences and needs. 

X-factor: Nike Training Club lets you work out the way the pros do—so your dream body can be yours by the time the wedding ceremony rolls around.


By Zhao Jiayi, Harper’s BAZAAR, February 2015

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