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Mandarin Classes for Kids in Singapore

You know its importance, and want your kids to pick it up. Here’s where they can have fun learning!

You may want to enrol your child in a school that offers Mandarin as part of its curriculum, or just want to let them have fun at at a Mandarin enrichment classes out of school hours. Whatever your choice, there’s no better time to expose the children to a new tongue as they are natural language acquirers at this stage in their lives.


Building Proficiency

Offered as part of the core daily curriculum and taught by native speaking specialists, Stamford American International School’s Mandarin programme offers small class sizes and high teacher-student ratios. Assessments are conducted through an international standardised language test.

Where: 1 Woodleigh Lane

Tel: 6602 7247


Integrated Learning

With an English and Mandarin speaking teacher present at all times, children are immersed in an integrated bilingual environment that enables them to think and understand in two languages simultaneously. This is because EtonHouse believes that language learning takes place spontaneously in a natural environment. They offer lessons for both nursery and kindergarten level students.

Where: Mulitple locations

Tel: 6746 3333


Home Tutoring

With one-to-one home tutoring and classes tailored to your child’s needs, flexibility is the name of the game at Linda Mandarin. Your kids will discover the language through interactive lessons that develop reading and writing skills naturally, with ample opportunities to develop intercultural awareness. Email info@lindamandarin.com.sg and quote “The Finder” for a free one-hour trial class.

Where: 105 Cecil Street, Level 16, The Octagon

Tel: 6264 7343


Learn With Your Tot

If you’d like your toddler to start learning the language, why not accompany her for these classes? Chengzhu Mandarin Centre’s adult accompanied programmes, Play Nest (for kids aged six to 18 months) and Play
Club (for kids aged one and a half to three and a half years), allow you to sit in with your tyke as they are exposed to hands-on, interactive learning and language stimulation. You’ll both have fun participating in an array of theme-based activities.

Where: #03-01, 35 Rochester Drive, Rochester Mall

Tel: 6737 5348


Cultural Experience

Popular with working parents for additional Mandarin lessons in the morning and afternoon, White Lodge kindergartens have a Mandarin curriculum that’s been developed to focus on Chinese culture and communication skills. Students from other international schools with a basic understanding of the language are also able to enrol in their Mandarin Enrichment Class to improve their proficiency.

Where: Multiple locations

Tel: 6255 4230


Early Preparation

Pink Tower Montessori offers the “Mandarin Scholars” programme, which prepares Kindergarten One and Two students for a formal Chinese education in primary schools. Children are taught all aspects of the Singapore Ministry of Education syllabus.

Where: Multiple locations

Tel: 6444 2582


For Adults
If the kids can do it, you can too! Whether it’s purely conversational or for business, there’s a class for you…

For Beginners

If you have zero knowledge of Mandarin, start with a fun, nonintimidating beginners’ class at the Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business. Their two-level conversational Gateway to Mandarin course is tailor-made to help adult learners and acquire the language systematically, and build conversational and vocabulary skills for day-to-day usage. Level 1 is for those who know no Mandarin.

Where: #08-01, 47 Hill Street, SCCCI Building

Tel: 6334 1080

For Customised Courses

If you prefer a one-on-one approach, you can get a course customised to suit your needs. Kirin Mandarin offers classes structured to suit you, so you can pick which areas you want to focus on, and with flexible learning hours at any location of your choice.

Where: Multiple locations

Tel: 8359 3876

By Sean Yeo, The Finder, September 2015

Photo: 123rf.com

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