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Men: Are You Shaving All Wrong?

Not necessarily. But Chief Barber Quester Ng of We Need a Hero All Men’s Grooming can help you do it better – just in time for Movember’s moustache mania!


When you’ve been doing hairdressing and barbering for more than 30 years, chances are you’re pretty good at what you do. And Chief Barber Quester Ng of We Need a Hero All Men’s Grooming is one of the best in Singapore. He’s been at the hip shop since it opened in Tiong Bahru in April 2013. Use these tips to look and feel awesome – as it pertains to your hair follicles, obvs.


SLB: Why should men pay someone else to shave them? They’re adults. Don’t they know how to shave themselves?

QN: While shaving at home is a quick and convenient way to take care of your stubble, getting a professional shave every two to three weeks makes for a thoroughly clean shave that pampers your skin at the same time.

We Need A Hero offers traditional wet shaves that use a single blade or straight razor to remove facial hair instead of the modern multi-blade razor commonly used by most men at home. If you’re fed up with razor burn, ingrown hairs, redness and bumps, then your skin will thank you for treating it to a traditional shave. Not only will you emerge with a closer shave than ever, your skin will look better as using a single blade or straight razor ensures your skin isn’t unnecessarily aggravated by having multiple blades run over sensitive complexion.


What about living in Singapore’s hot, humid climate affects facial hair care?

Most guys tend to overlook using a post-shave product or moisturiser because our humid environment makes their complexion oily. However, a good post-shave regimen ensures that your beard and skin is softer smoother, and reduces the incidence of ingrown hairs and skin irritation.


What’s the least creepy moustache or beard a guy can grow, if he wants to take part in Movember?

Big and long beards are on there way out, and guys are favouring manicured beards that look professional and well-groomed instead. Stick to classic styles like a pencil moustache to keep it classy. Your barber is the best person to advise you on what style of facial hair best suits your face and lifestyle. We Need A Hero offers beard trim services from $15 and beard design services from $40.


Anything else you think guys should know about their facial hair – or lack thereof?

The pre-shave prep is the most important part of the shaving process, but it tends to be the most overlooked. A good prep cleanses the skin, opens the pores, and softens the skin. To prepare the skin for a smooth shave, always shave after or at the end of a hot shower. This will soften the beard and open the pores. If you’re short on time, a hot towel and splash of water can be used.


By Sara Lyle Bow, November 2015

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