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Men In Devil Costumes Are Jumping Over Babies In This Festival In Spain

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Some believe that it’s rude to step over people. 

And then there are others who make a festival out of jumping over babies. 

We’re talking about El Calocho, an annual festival dating all the way back to 1620 that takes place in the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia. 

Baby Jumping is the main event of El Calocho, where town mothers than volunteer their infants to be placed on mattresses lining the streets, and men masquarading as devils – dressed the part and wielding whips – leap over each of them, some wide-eyed and unaware, others crying in terror. 

 The origins of the tradition are unknown, but the act is said to absolve the babies of their original sin and guard them against illness and evil spirits – the daring jump is said to lure such negative energies away – to ensure the babies’ safe passage through life.

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