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New To Singapore? The Beginner’s Guide To Healthcare For Your Family In Singapore

Doctors, vaccines and mosquitoes – oh my!

International Medical Clinic (IMC) shares wellness how-tos for new families in SG.


Find a doctor

Singapore has one of the most robust healthcare systems in the world, with advanced medical technologies, well-equipped hospitals and plenty of clinics no matter where you live.

A family doctor will be able to advise and treat you for acute illnesses like the seasonal flu or chronic conditions like migraines, as well as fill prescriptions for medication you require on a regular basis.

IMC has an international team of qualified doctors and nurses who provide family, paediatric and travel medicine services to the international community in Singapore.


Get vaccinated

Even though Singapore is relatively safe from diseases endemic in this region, the areas surrounding Singapore such as Malaysia and Indonesia are not. Be it for business or pleasure, as an adult or with children, travelling within the region comes with certain risks.

Consult a family doctor to find out which vaccinations are recommended before travelling.

According to Dr. Michael Rodger at IMC, common vaccinations for this region include Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Malaria prevention tablets may also be needed.


Handle emergencies

To call for an emergency ambulance, all you need to do is ring 995 to activate the public emergency service for a beeline to the nearest emergency room – open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Health Alert!

Zika Virus

Transmitted by the Aedes mosquito or sexual intercourse, Zika has symptoms that include fever, rashes, conjunctivitis, headaches, muscle and joint pain.

Most infected individuals do not show any symptoms. However, pregnant women should be wary due to the chance (up to 10 percent) of having a baby born with microcephaly.

To protect yourself, wear long sleeves, apply mosquito repellent and regularly empty receptacles holding stagnant water.


Singapore is subject to the annual transboundary haze from forest fires in Indonesia.

On hazy days, it is best to stay indoors. Any outdoor activities should be minimised if the Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) exceeds 100.

Susceptible individuals (pregnant women, children and the elderly) should wear an N95 mask when going outside. Additionally, asthma sufferers are advised to carry their inhaler with them at all times.


From The Finder, October 2016

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