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No time to whip up dinner? Power up your Frozen Foods now!

Cheat your way to a gorgeous meal by upgrading these 5 ready-made local options into healthy, tasty and filling options.

Plain cheese pizza – Who says you can’t have a healthy pizza? Add toppings like arugula leaves and tomato slices for some dietary fibre.

Plain bagel – Toast your frozen bagel. Then, add protein in the form of poached eggs, low-fat cream cheese and smoked salmon, and you’ve got yourself a healthy eggs Benedict.

Roti prata – Turn it into a healthy wrap with some chopped romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast and boiled tofu. Finish with a dash of low-fat mayonnaise.

Shrimp wontons – Boil five or six of these with leafy greens like chye sim and kai lan, and voila – your teatime snack becomes vegetable soup! 

Chicken nuggets Bake one nugget, drain off excess oil, and cut it into strips. Wrap these up in a baby lettuce leaf, along with some brown rice and strips of cucumber and baby carrot.


Watch those condiments!

We list three popular sauces and pastes, from the healthiest to the most sinful.

Wasabi – This is one of the healthiest Asian condiments. It contains no fat or sugar, and has isothiocyanates, natural compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties (read: it can ease painful joints) and are known to fight cancer.

Soya Sauce – Although it is low in calories and carbohydrates, and has no added sugar, it is very high in sodium – one tablespoon packs around 1,240mg. The sodium content varies across brands, so check the nutritional label before purchasing.

Teriyaki Sauce – This sweet sauce may be delicious, but it is also high in sodium – one tablespoon contains 690mg – so go easy with it.


Expert Sources: Natalie Goh, dietitian and nutritionist at Peaches & Pear Nutrition Consultancy, and Fahma Sunarja, senior dietitian and assistant manager at CanHOPE Counselling & Support Services at Parkway Cancer Centre

By Lew Puay Fang, Her World Fit & Fab, Issue #3 2014

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