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Where To Buy ORGANIC White Wines In Singapore

Find delicious biodynamic and organic wines in Singapore.

You see “Organic Wine” or “Biodynamic Wine” on more wine labels these days. But, what do these terms mean? International White Wine Day is 3 August every year, and it’s as good a reason as any to discover more about organic white wine.

Organic winemaking means the wine makers uses no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers to grow the grapes. Plus, they use no artifical additives in the wine. Biodynamic wine production goes a step further. As well as following organic rules, winegrowers follow a planting calendar based on astronomical rules. For example, they plant vines at certain times of the month, in time with the waxing and waning of the moon. And harvesting is planned for night-time, so the grapes are cool. This reduces oxidization.

The biodynamic approach to winemaking is about treating the ecosystem as a whole, with each portion of the farm or vineyard contributing to the next. For example, the winemaker may also keep ducks or sheep among the vines, to help fertilize the soil.

For a wine to be labelled as “biodynamic wine”, it must meet standards laid down by the Demeter Association. The goal is sustainability, or leaving the land in better shape for future generations. And that’s something we can all drink to!

Here are delicious organic white wines and biodynamic white wines you can find in Singapore – we’ll let you decide by yourself if they taste better!

Under $35: Paxton Organic Biodynamic ‘NOW’ Chardonnay 2020

From: Australia
Price: from $32 (available at Benchmark Wines)

NOW stands for “natural organic wine”. So this preservative-free Chardonnay from the top winemaking district of McLaren Vale in South Australia, is made to drink now. It’s fruit-forward with that typical diverse Chardonnay-like flavour, with florals and stone fruits. It goes great with grilled chicken, avocado or seafood.

Over $35: Paxton ‘Thomas Block’ Organic Chardonnay 2016

From: Australia
Price: from $35 (available at Benchmark Wines)

This biodynamic Chardonnay is also from the McLaren Valley, but it’s slightly different in style from the one above. How so? It has those tropical fruits, honey and butterscotch flavours you get in Australian Chardonnay, yet is more complex and full-bodied. Pair it with slightly more flavourful dishes, like fish or seafood with buttery sauces.

Under $30: Paxton Organic Pinot Gris 2020

From: Australia
Price: from $29 (available at Benchmark Wines)

This biodynamic Pinot Gris from Australia proves that excellent Pinot Gris can be made outside of Europe. It’s got great acidity and is well-balanced with notes of stone fruits and citrus, as well as apple and pear. It will pair beautifully with delicate seafood dishes, even sashimi and sushi. Oh, and did you see that price? Worth. Every. Penny.

All of these organic and biodynamic wines can be found in Singapore, at Benchmark Wines.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Daan Suijlen is a passionate home chef and certified sommelier. At the age of five, he preferred to be in the kitchen watching his grandma cook – and that passion has never left him! Follow him on Instagram under @wineandcooking.

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By Daan Suijlen, 14 March 2019 / Last updated by Arshi Iqbal

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