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Other Disney Live Action Remakes Of Beloved Cartoons You Should Catch Besides Dumbo

No, they are not  just for kids.

Disney is a magical brand. But lest we forget, it is also foremost, an entertainment business. The mouse house has brought to life its cartoons in many ways, and roped in the archetypal power of timeless fairy tales to continue the legacy of love, friendship and hope.

Techniques moved from hand-drawn animation to 3D wizardry, and so the only next step was to make their titles live action. One by one, from sleeping princesses to swinging forest child, they came alive. The latest — our beloved flying elephant, Dumbo, is currently playing in Singapore

It’s essentially the ugly duckling formula — a new baby elephant comes with grotesquely large ears, but the become an asset when it turns out that he can fly with them. Disney’s titles with animal leads have always been especially successful, and Dumbo looks primed for a soaring box office performance.

How do the other seven live action titles rank compared to Dumbo? Plus, we take a look at the two upcoming projects and gauge their success.

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By Morgan Awyong, March 2019 / Updated by Muneerah Bee, April 2019

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