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Peak Dengue Season In Singapore – Should You Be Worried For Your Family’s Health?

Close to 9,000 dengue cases have been reported as of June 25 this year.

This worrying number is more than twice last year’s figure of 4,100 for the same period. And numbers are expected to climb, said the National Environment Agency (NEA).

“As we are in the traditional peak dengue season, we are anticipating an upward trend in the number of dengue cases in the coming months,” NEA said.

The rise in dengue cases is matched by a rise in the number of Aedes mosquitoes – the likely reason behind the surge in Dengue cases.

There has been a steady increase in the Aedes aegypti mosquito population in the last two months, according to NEA’s Gravitrap data.

NEA said 50 per cent more Aedes mosquitoes have been caught in Gravitraps, which are placed in common corridors to trap mosquitoes.

From the 544,000 inspections conducted from January to May, most breeding sites were found in domestic containers and flower pot plates or trays, NEA said.

Prevent mosquito breeding by getting rid of stagnant water in your home – turn over containers when not in use, and dispose of old buckets, ceramic pots, and the like in your yard or balcony that may collect water;  fill in tree root holes and hollow stumps that hold water. Better safe than sorry!


By Chew Hui Min, The Straits Times, 30 June 2016


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