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Protect Yourself From These 5 Travel Mishaps While Abroad

Five things you need to know to prevent mishaps abroad from ruining your vacay.


If you lose your wallet…

All claims need to be supported by a police report, so make one as soon as you can. You should also contact your bank to cancel your credit cards. Your bank will be able to issue and dispatch new credit cards to you, so you can withdraw money from ATMs overseas.


If you get robbed…

Make a police report immediately. When making the report, give the police as many details as possible. If you can’t get to a police station before you return to Singapore, call your insurer’s emergency assistance provider; this call will serve as an official record of the robbery. And if you are unable to make multiple calls, the emergency assistance provider can help to contact the bank so that a new card can be sent to you. If your passport has been stolen, contact the Singapore High Commission or embassy in that country to report the loss and get a document of identity that will allow you to fly back to Singapore. If your plane ticket is also gone, contact your airline and ask them to issue you a new e-ticket.


If you lose your cabin luggage during a flight…

Inform the cabin crew and get a report from them as soon as possible. It can be a written or printed report, but it needs to be authorised by the relevant authorities from the airline. Your first option is to seek compensation from the airline. If you lose your cabin luggage while you’re in the airport, file a report with the airport police or airport security within 24 hours. Usually, the airline and your insurer will compensate you for the items you’ve lost, taking into account their value after wear and tear.


If your flight gets delayed for six hours or more…

You should obtain a written confirmation of the travel delay from the airline or its handling agent as soon as possible. Once you return to Singapore, submit this letter, along with your revised flight itinerary and boarding pass or passport stamp that shows the date of travel, to your insurance agent to process the claims.


If you fall ill…

Most insurers have tie-ups with emergency medical service providers overseas. Contact those service providers immediately for medical advice, referrals to doctors, specialists, hospitals and, if necessary, medical evacuation. If you need to be hospitalised, the insurance might even pay for one family member to fly over to visit you. Once you return to Singapore, submit all the relevant documents to your insurance agent so that he or she can help to process your claim.



  • Your insurance agent’s number
  • Your insurer’s emergency assistance provider number
  • Your insurer’s medical service providers’ contact details


EXPERT SOURCE: Annie Chua, senior manager of personal lines, NTUC Income


By Aretha Loh, Her World, August 2015

Photo: 123rf.com

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