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Rage Yoga Is The New Yoga: Curse And Drink Beer While You Get Fit

Enthusiastic yogis constantly champion yoga as a lifestyle that encourages serenity, mindfulness and harmony between mind and body. 

But today we’re talking Rage Yoga – kind of like regular yoga, but stripped of its solemnness and made a little more, well, interesting, to help you “become zen as f–“, in the words of creator Lindsay Istace. 

Rage yoga is a platform for you to use your negative emotions in a positive way to become a stronger and better person – both on and off the mat.  


image: rageyoga.com

The movements of Rage Yoga are still based on Vinyasa Yoga, but think pounding heavy metal music in place of the usual bird-chirping, wave-crashing slow melodies. You’re free to curse and yell as you please while holding your pose (or falling over), and of course, enjoy a pint (or two) while you’re at it.  

After all, why have “Om” as your mantra when you can yell “F– yeah”? 

Created while going through a painful breakup, Lindsay found that the overly serene approach of typical yoga lessons might have the opposite effect for some, such that they’re unable to relax; conversely, having an outlet to freely express her feelings was extremely therapeutic. And so Rage Yoga was born: what started off as a joke became a one-off workshop, and is now a thing. 

Lindsay currently holds twice-weekly Rage Yoga classes in a basement bar, Dickens, in Calgary, Canada, but look forward to online classes you can try at home set to be available this summer. 



Website: http://rageyoga.com/


By Pinky Chng, May 2016


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