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Ready to Detox and Start Eating Clean? We’ll Get You Started!

Detoxification is a buzzword in wellness today. But you don’t need to wait for the new year to detox. Here’s why it might be a good idea to ‘reset’ your body and #eatclean, anytime.

Nutritionist and co-founder of The Nutrition Clinic, Pooja Vig, believes a sensible detox can improve energy levels, bowel movements, weight loss and even skin clarity.

How do you know you’re doing it right? If you are so hungry you are counting down to the day you can eat chocolate cake, don’t be so strict. A simplistic ‘flush and fast’ approach may do your body more harm than good. A good detoxification programme should nourish your body with nutrients, instead of starving it of major food groups, and causing a drastic dip in your energy levels and mood.


Here’s how to re-set your body and eat clean:

Keep The Balance – Try thinking of your detox plan as a focussed attempt at ‘eating clean’. Pooja suggests loading up on fresh and organic superfoods, as well as nutrient-rich shakes and juices that support a healthy liver and digestive system. If you notice certain foods leave you feeling bloated and tired, try eating less of them, or even avoiding them during your detox. For some people, wheat, dairy, processed food, alcohol, tomatoes, capsicums, eggplants and corn can contribute to inflammation, bloating, fatigue and indigestion.

Baby Steps – Simple lifestyle changes can also go a long way. For example, baby steps like drinking enough water every day help your body flush out toxins. Try to include probiotics and fibre in your diet to support healthy bowels. If you’re no fan of raw greens, try hiding minced or pureed vegetables in soups or stews, or top toast with sliced fruit instead of butter. You may be tempted to rest more while you’re cleansing, but inactivity can slow poor blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. So maintain light exercises for healthy blood circulation – go for a walk after dinner, for example. Plus, perspiration also helps flush out waste materials. 

Sustainable Wellness – Your body values incremental changes over a sustained period of time, not drastic measures for a short stint, stresses Pooja. So while you are detoxing, remember a healthy programme should be “sustainable and support long-term change and wellness”. Everybody is unique, so before you go on a detox cleanse, it never hurts to talk to a doctor and check it is all okay in your case. This step is vital if you take medication as some supplements and fruits (especially grapefruit) can interact with medicines and prevent them working as they should.


Detox Tea & Coffee

  • SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox – offers a two-step programme. The Morning Boost Tea contains green tea, herbs and fruits formulated to boost energy, regulate appetite and fight free radicals; and Night Cleanse Tea contains ginger root, orange leaves and herbs to boost digestion.
  • Phoenix Dietary Coffee – does more than provide your daily caffeine-fix; it also contains dietary fibre to help you feel full and encourage weight management. Rich in antioxidants, it helps neutralise free radicals as well.
  • SlimSpa Slim & Detox Green Tea – is a sugar-free jasmine green tea blend formulated to sweep up free radicals and regulate fat and cholesterol levels, and have a skin- clarifying and mood-calming effect.

Fresh Juices Delivered

  • Cocoloco (6 bottles of 330 ml) – offers pure Thai coconut water that’s freshly bottled just a few hours before delivery. Ayurvedic experts favour coconut water thanks to its natural mix of minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, essential salts and alkaline.
  • Sana Cleanse Level 1 (18 bottles of 500 ml) -features fresh juices created with organic produce. Designed by a nutritionist, these raw juices are a mix of green juices, smoothies, citrus juices and root vegetables.
  • Rejuicenate Cleanse (18 bottles of 500 ml) – offers 100% organic, cold-pressed juices created by a Michelin-trained chef and a nutritionist. Some all-time favourites include Pineapple Punch, Phat Beets and Liquid Dessert.

Shake & Meal Replacements

  • Ulti Trim Nutritional Diet Shake (7 sachets of 35g) – formulated with a balanced mix of nutrients including milk or soy protein, fibre, antioxidants and omega 3 to keep energy levels stable and support weight management. Choose between Valrhona Chocolate, Korean Strawberry, Matcha and Grains flavour.
  • Brands InnerShine Apple Flavoured Dietary Fiber Mix (5 sachets of 10g) – packed with 7,000 mg of dietary fibre plus probiotics and minerals. As well as leaving you feel full, fibre also helps improve your gut action and digestion, which assists your body in naturally eliminating waste. Each sachet is only 104 calories. Mix with cold milk to create a filling shake.
  • Orbis Diet Protein Smoothie (5 sachets of 26g) – packed with minerals, vitamins and soy protein to help enhance metabolic rate. Mix with water to create a creamy flavoured shake.


Extra Help

There’s no substitute for healthy eating and exercise, but if you feel extra help can keep you on the right path, try:

  • BlackMores KickStart Detox (42 capsules) – contains herbs such as globe artichoke, bitter orange and burdock which are believed to assist the liver and digestive system.
  • VitaHealth AloeDetox (60 capsules) – based on the teachings of Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, these capsules contain a mix of organic aloe vera extract, herbs and prebiotics to help maintain healthy bowel regularity, and support your colon and digestive health.


By Annie Tan, Singapore Women’s Weekly, November 2014

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