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9 Reasons Why You MUST Visit Oshima, Japan’s SECRET Island, When You’re in Tokyo

You can scuba dive, pitch a tent under the stars, and hike up a volcano!

Oshima may be officially part of Tokyo and only two hours away by boat, but it offers an experience that is worlds apart, with its unsullied old-world charm and unhurried pace of life.

The island is quite the haven for nature buffs, with as much as 97 per cent of its area preserved as part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park that includes the famous Mount Fuji.

Oshima – or Big Island – is the largest in the Izu chain of seven islands at 91 sq km. It has an active volcano and is home to 8,000 affable islanders, whose warm hospitality can be seen in the repeated offers to buy me and my travel companion drinks.

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By Walter Sim, The Straits TimesMay 2017 / Updated September 2019

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