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Recounting The F1 Grand Prix Weekend In Singapore – By Expat Andrea McKenna

By Finder blogger: Andrea McKenna

Vroom vroom….I had a recovery day on Monday after Sunday night’s F1 concert. But it’s always worth it.

 Fun pop-up bars surrounded the Padang concert area and we managed to dance it out to the Duran Duran show (also referred to as Durian Durian here in Singapore, haha). The guys looked the same albeit older. Of course, we were too, so all was well with the 80s flashbacks and revival of songs like, “Hungry Like the Wolf,” the “White Lines” cover song and the finale, “Rio.” I had to laugh at the young kids walking around with their backs to the show. Oh, how they missed out!

The Singapore Grand Prix never seems to be short of excitement, as cars crashed right at the start of the race, knocking out two Ferrari team cars and one Red Bull car out of the race and ending with Lewis Hamilton’s thrilling win.

Following the race was massive fireworks and then the much-anticipated DJ show, Calvin Harris, who incidentally was the highest paid DJ in the world for the last three years pulling in upwards of $60 million To be fair we stayed at the bar and listened to him figuring there’s not much to watch when a DJ is just hitting buttons and rocking out with headphones on. Also, because beer.

F1 is a fun time for meeting people from all over the world, even outside the expat community. It’s also a good mix of locals, who may or may not be too excited about the extension of the race contract for four more years.

The crowd control was excellent this year, as I did not experience the calm-but-precarious bottlenecks around City Hall that we saw a few years back. All the workers at the gates were exceptionally friendly which I thought was really great and is always a good face to show to visitors.

I know people often complain about the traffic disruptions and road closures around F1 time, but overall I think it’s a fantastic showcase for the city. I know it pulls in multi-millions for the hotels, restaurants and even transportation, though many taxis and Uber drivers say F1 is the bane of their existence. In the end, I am sure they still make money. We felt lucky we could nab an Uber waiting for us at the Carlton Hotel, as we made our way from the other end of the Padang.

Now that we have til 2021 to enjoy F1 some more, I hope more expats as well as locals will give the event a shot. It’s worth the $200 or so for a ticket and it’s a worldwide event, so there is a lot of excitement and it’s fun to be a part. It’s world class, just the way Singapore likes it.

About Andrea McKenna

image: E. Chiau

Andrea McKenna Brankin is journalist and author from the United States who lives a full life with bipolar disorder. Her book, Bipolar Phoenix, is awaiting a publishing contract. She is also currently a volunteer at the DaySpring Residential Treatment Centre for teen girls in Singapore, providing befriending-family support, therapeutic writing and rugby coaching

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