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How to Help RESCUE Injured Or Lost Pets in Singapore

Here's how you can help out a furry friend-in-need.

With lots of green space and a tropical climate, it is not uncommon to find injured or lost pets in our concrete jungle. But who do you call when you see a lost dog or cat, or see an animal that is being mistreated? We’ve got some tips on how you can rescue a lost animal or injured pet you might encounter in Singapore.

Does it need help?

The animal lover in us naturally wants to make sure all our furry friends are safe and protected. But are there times when it is better to leave animals as they are?

We’ve rounded up the most commonly asked questions regarding lost or injured pet encounters in Singapore. (We’ve used a dog encounter as an example, but the tips work for any other pets as well.)

There is a dog is in the middle of a busy road. What do I do? 

Do not chase after it, because it’s dangerous for you, and other pedestrians and motorists as well. Observe and see if the dog knows where it is heading. 

On their website, Causes for Animals (Singapore) advises, “if the dog is running, do not give chase, you will make the situation worse.” 

I found a cute litter of puppies (or kittens) and their mother is not around. Should I take them home? 

No, especially if they look healthy and uninjured.

The mother is probably out looking for food and she will be frantically looking for them when she returns. Instead, observe the situation over the next few days before deciding if they need help. Avoid touching the puppies or kittens as this will give them a new scent and the mother may be upset and not accept them anymore.

I see a stray dog on a construction site. Should I do anything?

Instead of rescuing the dog, you should leave it alone as it is probably living there. This applies to any area where there is little human movement. Feral dogs need territory and to them, a construction site (with rats) is a happy hunting ground.

On their website, SOSD Singapore advises, “Most of the time, unless the dog is injured, it IS better to leave them alone.” 

I think this pet dog is lost. How do I locate its owner?

Wait to see if the pet is momentarily separated from its owner, before taking it away. You will save a lot of time and hassle, and avoid distress and confusion. After some time has passed and no one hsa claimed the pet, you may approach it to check for injuries and observe the general health of the animal.

Check for any form of identification via collars with ID tags, or an AVA license tag, and contact the owners. If there are none, try to get the animal to a vet to scan the pet’s microchip. This will help to locate its owner.

If there is no microchip on the pet, you can post a notice on social media, or place an advertisement in the Straits Times Classifieds, under Lost and Found. Note: Run the ad for three days). 

You can also put up posters in the neighbourhood (within one kilometre radius) where you found it in. Indicate the date and location where you found the pet, plus your contact number. Describe the colour and size of the pet, but do not include its gender nor any distinctive markings. These can help you identify the genuine owners, if they contact you. 

What do I do with it in the meantime?

You will need to foster the animal until the owners come forward. If no one claims it, you could find it a new home, or take it in yourself. If you are unable to take in a new pet, here are some organisations to help your furry friend find a new home.

Helpful Organisations

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

SPCA is a Singapore animal rescue charity that advocates against animal cruelty.

If you see a sickly looking cat or dog (or other animal), call the SPCA. This well-established organization is known for helping injured and abused animals. The SPCA does not have hospitalisation facilities – just a basic treatment clinic (with no x-ray facilities). If you feel the animal needs these services, consider bringing the animal to the vet, yourself.

Rescued animals are given a series of tests to assess their health and temperament. If they pass, they will be put up for adoption (after receiving all the proper medical treatments). If the rescued animal is wild, they are sent to the zoo or Jurong Bird Park which have facilities to care for the animals.

Fun fact: SPCA has an extensive lost and found section, making it a great place to adopt a rescue pet.

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
Address: 50 Sungei Tengah Rd., 699012
Tel: 6287 5355 (24-hour hotline)
Opening hours: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Daily)

Cat Welfare Society

Cats Welfare Society is a Singapore rescue charity that advocates against animal cruelty.

This well-known organization is not a shelter. It’s primarily focused on the sterilization of stray cats, in order to decrease the stray population. Cat Welfare Society (CWS) refers to these cats as “community cats” since many of them have made a home in the community – without having an actual dwelling. The Cat Welfare Authority encourages the sterilization of these cats to reduce cat fights, and find a long term solution to the overpopulation of strays. So if you see a cat with one ear snipped sitting in a housing block garden, you’ve spotted a community cat that’s been steralised by CWA, and released back into its home.

Interested in adopting a cat? Take a look at the notice board on the CWS website. Although not a shelter, the organization works with fostering “cat parents” to care for cats looking for a home – for example rescue pets that have been abandoned. As a non-profit, volunteer-based organization, CWS does not have an office.

Contact them via email here.

Action for Singapore Dogs

Action for Singapore Dogs is a Singapore rescue charity that advocates against animal cruelty.

Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) began in 2000 as a volunteer organization aimed at improving the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs. The organization holds regular online and offline events to raise funds to rescue pets, pay for veterinary care, and to promote adoption of stray dogs.

ASD has an adoption and rescue centre located in the Kranji area. This facility is run by a small team of volunteers who do their best to respond to all calls and help find suitable care for dogs – even if that means the dogs have to stay in a foster home for a while.

Action for Singapore Dogs is a great place to adopt, find appropriate dog services (like classes and medical care) or volunteer, if you are passionate about dogs.   

Action for Singapore Dogs
Address: 80 Lim Chu Kang Lane 1, 718911
Tel: 6100 2737
Opening hours: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Fri. to Sun.)

Contact them via email here.

By Kathleen Siddell, September 2015 / Last updated Sabrina Ng

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