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Need A Restorative Retreat? These Wellness Resorts In Asia Are Leading The Way


Ayurveda. Mindfulness meditation. Hypnotherapy.

Words that may have once raised eyebrows have since become part of the wellness industry’s trendy jargon, and are now also de rigueur offerings at any destination spa that wants to be taken seriously. Owing to the plenitude of research linking general wellness with disease prevention and longevity, there is an increasing interest in alternative healing sciences, and consumers are escalating demand for such unconventional treatments.

As a result of this wellness revolution, resorts endeavouring to improve their customers’ sense of well-being have evolved from spaces to relax in and perhaps enjoy a massage or two, to lifestyle hubs that bridge the gap between Western medicine and New Age therapies. Browse the gallery below for more details, and then see below for four of Asia’s best wellness retreats.

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Need a little time to yourself? Here’s where to go:

For Sports Rehabilitation: Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas
The Cyriax method, a practice that combines sports therapy techniques and traditional Chinese medicine to identify and treat the root cause of musculoskeletal pain, is offered here. The programme is headed by South Korean-born sports science doctor Joo Tae Baek, who is trained in sports rehabilitation techniques. He has worked with national sports teams and the Jordanian Royal Family.

For Stress Management: Como Shambhala Retreat At Como Parrot Cay
The retreat’s new resident consultant, Parth Mahajan, is trained in ayurvedic medicine, yogic science, reiki and acupuncture, and his specialty in stress management especially caters to fatigued professionals. An ayurvedic consultation with Mahajan involves an assessment of one’s unique constitution (prakruti) and current state (vikruti). From there, guests are prescribed a personalised ayurvedic programme comprising recommended therapies, diet and lifestyle changes.

For Control Issues: Fivelements Hong Kong
Following the success of its Bali flagship, the newly opened Fivelements Hong Kong is a holistic sports wellness destination set within the Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy. Watsu, an aquatic form of therapy, sees a therapist supporting a guest through a meditative combination of bodywork, shiatsu and dance. It is thought to be beneficial for people who struggle with control issues.

For Detoxification: Six Senses Spa Marbella
A corporate wellness trainer who has been practising Eastern healing arts for almost 20 years, visiting practitioner Toby Maguire includes in his repertoire qigong, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and nutrition consultations. He has worked with Olympic gold medallists and members of the England rugby team. Maguire administers Chi Nei Tsang sessions here, an abdominal massage that releases tension in the abdomen caused by stress and poor dietary habits. It also detoxifies the internal organs and reduces digestive disorders.



By Angeleigh Khoo; This story was first published in The Peak, July 2017. 

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