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Review: This Is THE Airline To Nail Luxury Travel On A Budget

Our Digital Content Creator, Pinky Chng, recently went on a Media Familiarization Trip To Vietnam courtesy of VietJet Air.

Her flight experience was an outstanding one – it much exceeded her expectations – and here’s why you should fly VietJet Air for your next Southeast Asian holiday.


Earlier this month, I was invited to visit Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc (check out the things to do in Phu Quoc here!), Vietnam, by VietJet Air.

What I got up to is a whole other story to tell, but for now, let’s just say Vietnam is so much more than just motorbikes whizzing across busy lanes and persistent hawkers peddling souvenirs by the street. So much!

My flight experience on VietJet Air, true to genial Vietnamese hospitality, was stellar even from before I set foot onto the plane.

We flew on SkyBOSS, which granted us priority check-in, free 30kg check-in luggage, lounge access, priority boarding, and even an exclusive mini-bus to chauffeur us right to the foot of the plane!

Oh, and a momentary air of high-flying (pun intended) bosses.

Clearing immigration at the airport was always a breeze, and we’d head straight to the SkyBOSS lounge in the respective airports – Changi Airport, Ho Chi Minh City Airport, and Phu Quoc Airport – which were all spacious, peaceful, and well-stocked with a variety of food to cater to international palates.

Our lounge at Changi Airport

Boarding was orderly and well-organised too – so much so that we even had time to sneak in a photo to commemorate our flight!

Special mention goes out to the attentiveness of the flight attendants – en route to Ho Chi Minh City from Singapore, I fell asleep even before the plane took off, because I’m me, right up until lunch had been served to everyone else. It took a flight attendant no more than 20 seconds to realise I had woken up, and she proceeded to offer me my meal.

It saved me the trouble of sitting unnaturally upright and fidgeting an excessive amount to catch their attention… Which I may or may not have resorted to on previous flights.

It was simple fare – Vietnamese Steamed Rice Cake – but that was also what I appreciated about the food served on board. Simple yet authentic, a great taster of the tons of sumptious Vietnamese food I was going to have on the trip.

All in all, my flight experience with VietJet Air Much exceeded my expectations. Flying to mostly Southeast Asian destinations, you don’t need a lie-flat seat for such relatively short flights, and you certainly don’t need to fork out an outrageous four-digit fee for it.

VietJet Air, on the other hand, is a budget alternative that still offers options for premium travel, SkyBOSS being the perfect example.

SkyBOSS passengers also get to enjoy perks such as free flight changes, priority seat selection, and more.

Might I say that VietJet Air brings budget flying to new heights?


For more information, visit the VietJet Air website.


By Pinky Chng, June 2016

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