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This Ridiculously Easy Breathing Exercise Can Give You A Flat Tummy In No Time!

The easy breathing exercise that gives you abs without breaking a sweat

It’s called Stomach Vacuuming and it’s got nothing to do with your trusty cleaning tool.

Instead, this breathing exercise got its name from the way you suck in your tummy and hold it there to activate and tone your deepest abdominal muscles. According to Karen Sessions of Body Building, this technique was derived from the pillars of yoga and pilates and is supposedly able to reduce the circumference of your tummy in as little as three weeks.

Stomach Vacuuming is said to have been an exercise done by professional bodybuilders in the early days of the sport and has somehow seen a revival.

To do this exercise, stand with your back straight or lay with your back flat on your bed. Slowly inhale deeply and pretend like your pulling your belly button closer to your spine. You’ll start to feel a slight pull and that’s when you know your deepest abdominal muscle has been activated.

Hold your stomach in for about 15 seconds before gradually progressing to 30 seconds and then finally 60 seconds.

Fitness trainer Kristen of YouTube channel K’s Perfect Fitness TV shows us how to execute the move easily below:

Be sure to pair this breathing exercise with other forms of exercise and a healthy diet to get better results in no time!



By Atika Lim, Singapore Women’s Weekly, 20 May 2016

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