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School Transport in Singapore 101: Hacks To Getting The Little Ones To And From School

Singapore’s transport system is undeniably one of the most convenient there is – even the use of public transport to and from school and/or work.

But when it comes to school transportation in Singapore, the safety and security of the little ones are number one priority. With most parents holding down full-time jobs, wearing different hats may be a struggle at times. If you can’t get the kids in school in time, here are some options to consider when it comes to school transportation in Singapore.

Peruse 5 school transport options in Singapore below:

1. Public School Buses

school transport singapore

Local schools usually have their own school bus services that can pick up your kids in the morning and drop them off after school. However, you will have to make your own transport arrangements on days when your child has after-school activities. Payment is made for a whole year, including school holiday months, and fares vary depending on how far away from the school you live.

2. Public Transportation

school transport singapore

If your kids are old enough to take the MRT or bus on their own, Singapore is the perfect place to let them do so due to the high level of safety. Many local children start to take public transport to and from school from the age of about 10 or 11. It’s a good idea to have a trial run or two before letting your child attempt the journey on his or her own. Equip him or her with a mobile phone, so you’re contactable in case of any mishaps on the first few days.

3. Carpooling Apps

school transport singapore
(image: Ryde Singapore)

Some carpooling apps now offer kid-friendly rides to and from school. For instance, RydeSchool matches kids with parent drivers going to the same school, and can be a great alternative to school buses as less time is spent on the road.

4. Private Shuttle Vans Or Buses

citi trans singapore
(image: BusInterchange.net)

Want to charter your own ride or band together with a few other parents to hire a private van or bus? Schoolber lets you do just that with their point-to-point drop-off service for busy students. You can arrange several stops if your child has friends going the same way. In the same vein, My Singapore Driver offers a child pick-up and drop-off service that can be shared with other carpooling kids in the same area at no extra charge. Meanwhile, CitiTrans Bus Transit provides school pick-up and drop-off services. The catch is that you’ll have to find other kids living in the same area who’d be up for sharing the bus.

5. Private Cars

HDT singapore
(image: HDT Singapore)

Ferry your kids around in a private car complete with driver when you use a service like HDT.com.sg or DrivenSG.com. These private car services offer the ultimate in convenience as your child will not have to share the vehicle with other kids or worry about not being able to get a ride during peak hour. The main drawback is that they are a relatively expensive option.

With these school transport options in Singapore, rest assured that your kid will be well cared for while you can work in peace.

By Joanne Poh, March 2021 / Images: Ryde Singapore, BusInterchange.net, HDT Singapore + 123RF.com

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