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Sex Toys In Singapore: 14 Top ADULT Shops To Get Your Best “O” Ever

These non-sleazy adult sex shops and sites carry everything (and we do mean, everything) you might want to try.

Shops that sell adult sex toys used to have a seedy reputation.

But today, the places to buy sex toys in Singapore are more like high-end appliance stores. And the toys themselves boast technology, comfort and beauty. I know, because I searched online and visited offline shops that carry adult sex toys in Singapore, to discover which stores provide the best adult sex toys and customer service.

I should add that I’m a born and bred, puritan Connecticut Yankee. So, I was nervous about this assignment. But all staff, at every adult sex toy shop I visited in Singapore, were awesome at customer service. They even tactfully demonstrated various devices on my sanitized hand.

So, here is my list for The Finder of the best adult sex toy stores in Singapore, with discrete and sophisticated service, plus a couple of new, women-friendly online stores that sell adult-sex toys (scroll to the end).

1. Good Vibes

(image: Good Vibes)

Good Vibes aims to liberate true sexual satisfaction and enable a journey of happiness guided by women’s true pleasure. To help beginners ease into the world of sex and pleasure, Good Vibes created its e-commerce store that offers a curated range of various high-quality, body-safe sex toys.

With their aesthetic pastel colours, unassuming toy designs and even personalised packaging, these toys will help you on your journey of self-exploration. Good Vibes also provides positive sex education through its social platforms to help open up the taboo conversation of pleasure within the Asian community. Shop today and explore a whole new world of pleasure!

Good Vibes

2. Hedonist

(image: Hedonist)

Hedonist is a wellness company that specialises in pleasure, wellness and empowerment. Its aim is to help others feel confident about themselves, in a no-judgement environment. Hedonist helps to create opportunities for people to unapologetically explore sexuality in a safe space.

That’s why it created its women-forward e-commerce store that offers a curated range of over 50 high-quality pleasure products to empower you with confidence. It also offers friendly sex toy recommendations to first-timers, without being pushy and without judgment. More than just an online store, Hedonist also organises unique wellness, sex-ed related pop-up events and talks with its experts to normalise the conversation of sex and pleasure.


3. Alice Maple

This adult sex toy store in Singapore is run by a wife and husband team, and the sales staff are very well-informed and respectful. I was introduced to a host of sleek, pastel-colour vibrators with names like Rabbit and Swan.

But the best-seller is the Womanizer vibrator, which uses a combination of air pressure and suction to do its thing, instead of friction. It’s been endorsed by several female celebrities, including British pop singer Lily Allen, who debuted her very own vibrator design, called the ‘Liberty’, with Womaniser.

A German brand called Fun Factory has some interesting technological features that change the direction and thrust of the device. Apparently, such remote-control devices are the future of adult sex toys. Called Teledildonic devices, these use Bluetooth to operate. You can be in Singapore, while your partner is on a work trip to San Francisco. If you both have wi-fi (and perhaps Zoom) you can still enjoy intimate time together. Aaah, technology.

Alice Maple  
Address: 304 Orchard Rd., #01-101, Lucky Plaza, 238863
Tel + WhatsApp: 8444 5644
Opening Hours:12 to 8 p.m. (Mon. to Fri.), 12:30 to 7:30 p.m. (Sat. to Sun.)

4. Pink Lifestyle

sex toys in singapore
(image: Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha)

By far the most luxurious and classy location, this all-pink store is on the second floor of Japanese department store Isetan Scots, near the lingerie section. Pink is Japanese slang for “lady garden”, so as well as high-end vibrators, funky condoms and designer condom holders, this store stocks practical intimate items like Menstrual Cups and Kegel balls.

The balls are designed to strengthen the Kegel pelvic muscles that hold your pelvis in place. (They’re sometimes recommended to strengthen internal muscles after giving birth.) You insert the balls and squeeze your internal muscles to keep them in place. Stronger Kegel muscles lead to more grip for him, and stronger orgasms for her, so that’s a good thing.

This adult sex toy shop in Singapore also caters to the woman who doesn’t want her sex toys to look obvious. Iroha vibrators from Japan are crafted in shapes like whales, seashells and other pretty designs – there’s even one that doubles as a nightlight. It’s waterproof and can float in your bath.

Men are not left out. The counterpart to Iroha, the Japanese Tenga brand, is on sale here, with a wide range of lubricants and hands-free adult sex toys for guys. The showroom also features the entire range of adult sex toys from the movie, “50 Shades of Grey.”

Pink Lifestyle
Address: 350 Orchard Rd., Level 2, ISETAN @ Scotts, 238868

Tel: 8200 2737
Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Mon. to Thu.); 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Fri. to Sun.)

5. U4Ria

A top seller at this sophisticated adult sex toy shop in Singapore is the Nymph, by Svakom, a popular Swedish brand of sex toys. This nifty pink number has digit-like tinglers as well as the standard vibration mode. This extra stimulation apparently makes it a popular buy here.

This store also has a stunning display of Icicle dildos. Absolutely gorgeous, these phalluses are made of blown glass and crystal and come in all shapes and colors, like rose and violet. The display looks like a stained-glass window. Apparently, you can heat or cool the glass for added stimulation. Yes, they break if you drop them, but perhaps that adds to the excitement.

I found the staff at U4Ria well-educated and worldly about the demand for adult sex toys. One told me that customers from more conservative nations sometimes come to the store, straight from Changi airport. She said such clients often prefer adult sex toys that look like sculptures or paperweights (like the Icicle dildos). This makes it easier to discreetly bring the sex toys home.

Address: 220 Orchard Rd., #02-11A, Midpoint Orchard, 238852
Tel: 6738 7198
Opening hours: 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (Mon. to Sat.); 12 to 5:30 p.m. (Sun.)

6. House of Condoms

This store in the basement of Lucky Plaza does not have the most welcoming entrance – the stairs and hallway are dark. But it’s bright inside, with a mix of practical and kitschy items, including a wall of gag sex toy gifts. They’re not sophisticated, but they could be pretty good fun if you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party.

The top seller in their selection of adult sex toys is the Angel vibrator from Sweden’s Svakom company. This brand seems to have the biggest range of products, all sleek and discreetly coloured in pastel shades with promises of, “The best O you’ve ever had”. While the prices of Svakom products at this adult sex toy store in Singapore hover between $200 and $300, there are some lower-priced options under $100.

House of Condom
Address: 304 Orchard Rd., #B1-12 & #B1-013, Lucky Plaza, 238863
Tel: 6735 6360
Opening hours: 12 to 9 p.m. (Daily)

7. Watsons

You may think of this chain of personal care stores as just a place to buy shampoo and pharmacy items, but it also carries the Smile Makers brand of personal massagers, or vibrators. You can find them displayed near the condoms and lubricants.

The discreet packaging features stimulating names like The Fireman (shown here), The Tennis Pro and The Billionaire – the names refer to the different shapes of each sex toy.The sex toys themselves are pocket-sized, and come in feminine pastel shades.

But I am not sure all the Watsons staff even know they are there. I didn’t ask anyone, I just looked around until I found them!

You can also buy the Smile Makers range of adult sex toys in Singapore, online at the Watsons website. When I checked they were $69.95, around $20 cheaper than other websites.

Address: Multiple locations
Tel: See website
Opening hours: See website

8. Redmart at Lazada

Do you know you can buy a wide range of adult sex toys in Singapore at this online supermarket? After you’ve shopped for groceries and household goods you can click on “Sensual Toys” – and 3521 items pop up.

There are adult sex toys for men and women, including a transparent aid for men from Drywell called Ghost Warrior ($10), or you can get the pink-colour Suckling G Spot Vibrator for Women ($35.21). You’ll also recognise big brand names like Lelo and Smile Makers (shown here). Plus, you can buy condoms, lube, sanitizer products… the options seem endless, actually.

Your adult toys are delivered just like any other grocery items – wrapped in plastic bags, then sealed in cardboard boxes. This means your delivery person doesn’t know what you are getting. But you had better unpack your grocery shopping yourself, unless you want your helper to know.

NSFW: Like the rest of the items on Redmart, the adult sex toys are very clearly photographed, with very descriptive names. So maybe don’t open this section if you normally shop online at work, on your lunchbreak?

Available on Redmart at Lazada.

9. Don Don Donki

This Japanese all-you-can-buy store has everything from Japan, from fresh sushi to seaweed snacks – and the treats also include adult sex toys for women and men. When I checked the 100AM Location on Tras Street, I found the Tenga products (shown here) for men, and Iroha products for women.

You may wonder why it’s so easy to buy adult sex toys in Japanese supermarkets? I learnt the answer from experts I spoke to at other adult sex shops in Singapore.

Japanese prefer to buy disposable sex toys because they often visit love hotels for intimate time with their partner. Love hotels, which can be rented by the hour, are popular places to meet because many Japanese live with their parents or in-laws, and in small apartments. They may prefer not to keep adult sex toys at home, in case grandma opens a wardrobe door, and gets a surprise.

Don Don Donki
Address: 100 Tras St., 100AM, #02-01-05/22-26, #03 01-05/09-23, 79027
Tel: 6249 8811
Opening Hours: 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Daily)

10. 7-Eleven

You can often buy condoms and lubricant at 7-Eleven stores, especially the 24-hour branches. I did most of my research at their Orchard Towers location, which displays a vast variety of condoms, with different sizes, materials and raised dots, “For added pleasure”. Names include Pleasuremax, Mutual Climax, Performa and Fetherlite Elite (shown here), among others.

At another 7-Eleven store I checked, I also spied a vibrating penis ring for sale.

Address: Multiple locations
Tel: See website
Opening hours: See website

11. Horny.sg

This Singapore-based online shop is a pleasure trove of adult sex toys, along with all the related products. This adult sex toy store in Singapore has a physical location too, but I ordered online because I was in a rush to try out their one-day delivery service. Ha.

I’m happy to say the delivery came on time. It was also nicely wrapped in discreet packaging. This saved me from embarrassment as my deliveryman handed over my gift to myself.

Address: 756 Upper Serangoon Rd., #01-21, Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, 534626
Tel: 9777 2176
Opening Hours: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Daily)

12. Cherry Affairs

This online adult sex toy store in Singapore has a voluminous range of products. They have a private showroom that you can book if you need face-to-face advice. But the assistant I spoke to told me that the business is mostly web-based. I got a (next day) rush order of a certain product – never mind which!

It came on time, discretely packaged, as promised.

Cherry Affairs
Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, UBI Techpark, #06-13, 408564
Tel: 9459 2379
Opening Hours: 2 to 7 p.m. (Mon. to Fri.); 1 to 4 p.m. (Sat. to Sun.)

Women-friendly online adult sex toy shops that ship to Singapore

13. Lora DiCarlo

Late last year Chanel model and actress Cara Delavigne announced that she’s joined Italian sexual wellness and tech company Lora DiCarlo as co-owner and creative adviser. She told Vogue US magazine, “Women are ashamed to talk about how we take care of our own pleasure. I hope to help break down those barriers and show that it’s a topic we can confidently discuss.”

The website is as sophisticated and fashionable as you would expect from a supermodel, with women-centric and tasteful photos. The best seller is the OSE 2, which is, “designed to mimic the best kind of human touch”. It looks very different to most vibrators and is designed to increase the range of stimulation. It’s an investment at US$290 – but you can read 5-star rave reviews from 95 buyers and decide for yourself.

Another popular adult sex toy is the Baci, which is described as “My New Bestie”. It is designed to provide, “The mind-blowing feeling of a mouth, every time you want it.” The Baci (or Kiss, in Italian) has 125 rave reviews (US$130). The company ships to Singapore.

Available at Lora DiCarlo.

14. Maude

Movie star Dakota Johnson, the star of the “50 Shades of Grey” trio of movies, is an investor and co-creative director of Canadian sexual wellness brand Maude. This extremely sleek website bills itself as “redefining the sex essentials industry for modern consumers”. The range of gadgets, while not large, is very sleek and modern.

A best-seller is the Vibe, (US$45). This minimalist five-speed, USB-charged, flutter tip personal massager comes in four artsy-colours; grey, green, clay and charcoal. A similar product is the Drop (US$45, shown here), a three-speed all-body massager. The packaging is so minimal you can leave this device on your bedside night table and no-one will have any idea what it is. The company ships to Singapore.

Available at Maude.

By Andrea McKenna Brankin

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