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#SGFaves 2020: Where To Buy Shoes In Singapore? Start With This Local Designer’s Three Brands!

To say that Josh Leong is obsessed with shoes, may be an understatement.

Case in point: He co-founded artisanal women’s footwear brand Palola and also started shoe-centric Heirloom by Josh Leong and Josh Leong Shoes. “I moved to Italy in 2014 to complete a bespoke shoe-making apprenticeship at a famous brand called Stefano Bemer,” shares Josh. He’s continued to hone his craft. “I’ve incorporated many of the traditional shoemaking techniques and materials into the shoes that we offer.”

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Web: palola.co
FB: We Are Palola

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About #SGFaves
#SGFaves is an annual initiative by The Finder to celebrate homegrown local business owners whose products and services help people live well in Singapore – just like The Finder!

By Kirstie-mae Baptist, Issue 304 The Finder

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