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#SGFaves 2020: This Entrepreneur Built A Business Out Of Growing Calamansi On Her Balcony In Singapore

What inspired Sharon Lee to launch Straits Preserves in 2014?

“We had an abundance of calamansi limes growing on our balcony, which resulted in me learning ways to preserve them. This led to the idea of making marmalade.” Since then, she’s grown the uniquely Asian marmalade brand and, more recently, created her own “Singapore take on peanut butter” that blends peanuts, coconut and sea salt. The clever name? Peaconut.

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Straits Preserves
Web: straitspreserves.com
FB: Straits Preserves SG
IG: @StraitsPreserves

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About #SGFaves
#SGFaves is an annual initiative by The Finder to celebrate homegrown local business owners whose products and services help people live well in Singapore – just like The Finder!

By Kirstie-mae Baptist, Issue 304 The Finder

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