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Shopping For A Different Perfume?

Need help looking for your next fragrance? These sampling tips will have you shopping like a pro.

Sprawling beauty departments with their rows of fragrances can seem daunting when you are trying to look for the perfect scent. Here, Trudi Loren – Senior Vice President, Corporate Fragrance Development for The Estée Lauder Companies’ Aramis and Designer Fragrances division – gives us some pointers:

Be Realistic

“Do not try more than three scents at one go,” says Trudi. “Your nose will be ‘tired’, your sense of smell gets affected, and nothing is quite accurate after three scents.”

Test It On Your Skin

“Avoid wearing any other perfume,” advises Trudi, “and test a fragrance out on your wrists or arms instead of on a paper strip or ribbon, because that is the only way to know how that scent reacts with your skin.”

Just Say No

“Don’t let the salesperson pressure you into making a purchase. Wear the scent on your skin for a couple of hours so you can ‘live’ in it and get a feel of how you like it,” says Trudi.

Take A Break

Why do fragrance counters sometimes offer you coffee beans after you’ve tried several fragrances? “This introduces something totally different to your sense of smell, but it doesn’t really cleanse your scent palate,” cautions Trudi. “You should smell something odourless instead, either bare skin or a clean tissue.”

Apply Wherever You Like

“There’s no right or wrong spot to apply perfume because fragrances are very personal, from the ones you prefer to how you wear them,” says Trudi. “But I always recommend pulse points like the neck or wrists; their warmth helps diffuse the scent.”  

3 fragrance counters we love for buying scents from:

  • Tang’s Beauty
  • Robinson’s @ The Heeren
  • Penhaligon’s @ Ion

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By Joyce Cheo, Singapore Women’s Weekly, February 2014


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