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Should You Be More Glam At The Gym?

By Holleigh Mason  Finder Blogger: The Fit Friend, and co-founder of Urban Remedy

We all want to look good… Even at the gym. I mean, isn’t that what all those mirrors around the gym are for? Our Finder blogger, Holleigh Mason, shares her tips on looking your best even while working up a sweat.


Yep, I’m THAT girl… eyelash extensions, the best spray tan in Singapore, lip gloss, and fabulous nails – so it’s a big ‘YAY’ from me.

I’m a huge believer that whatever gives you the confidence to walk into a gym in the first place is 100% acceptable and is nobody else’s bi’niss.  Haters gonna hate, as Taylor would say – and they’re only noticing because you are looking so damn FINE! 

For those who are keen to give their gym look a little Razzle Dazzle but aren’t sure where to draw the line before you start to look like an extra from The Rocky Horror Picture Show or a professional cheerleader from The Dallas Cowboys, I will share a few expert tips with you from my old Lancome days.

Wearing even just a little bit of make-up can stand out like full drag in the gym environment, so the secret is to create an enhanced look rather than a made up one. Here’s how:

1. Eyebrows: Get them professionally shaped and tinted.

*Browhaus is fab but get a good therapist recommendation from a friend!


2. Eyelashes: Medium length extensions for depth and eye pop; or for a more natural look, invest in an eyelash curler and Latese growth serum and use every other day.

*Flutters at Duxton Hill are hands down the best in Singapore – must ask for Zen!


3. Lips: Lucas Pawpaw ointment or Vaseline are both rich waterproof clear ointments that reduce dryness, leaving a rich gloss on the lip that stays on even when you sweat.

* Available at all pharmacies.


4. Face: Your already looking so ‘hot right now’ by this stage and really don’t need a whole lot more, but if you have had a blinder the night before and resemble Casper the friendly ghost, try a lightweight tinted moisturizer to give you an instant faux healthy glow.  If you just want a little concealer for some dark circles or blemishes – use Makeup Forever’s Full Cover Concealer. It’s waterproof and won’t slide off – just a tiny dab.

* Spend an evening (not the weekend-crowds are insane) at Sephora playing until you find a brand and budget that suits you.


5. Cheeks: No need – get moving sister, you are in the gym after all!


6. Hair: Clean, pulled back off your fabulous face in a youthful high pony.


7. Teeth: Invest in professional whitening or a home kit – nothing beats a killer smile!

* GPA Dental is a good one!


8. Nails: Forget the French mani – bright cheery nails are the go with so much faux natural going on you need a little colour girlfriend…..don’t forget the toes if yoga is your thing!

* Belissima in Orchard Towers of all places, is an institution for nail perfection, 26 years in business!


9. Tan: A tan cheers me up and shaves off about 5kgs in an instant!  A healthy glow looks great and makes you feel like you’ve been on a holiday. BUT a bad tan is my BIGGEST gym glam faux pax – nobody can get their eyes off you and for all the wrong reasons!  Invest wisely and well.

* The best woman on the island is Margaret, owner of Tan @ Home and like the name says – she comes to you!


10. Eyes: I’ll conclude with a slightly strange one, In extreme cases of late nights, not enough sleep or wanting to up the anti on the look, I’ve known of a few gym bunnies who like to use pharmacy eye drops which reduce redness to whiten their eyes and give them some extra zing!


A few luxuries in the gym bag might be an Evian mist to spray on your face post-workout so that the salt doesn’t dry on your skin, as well as a pair of designer shades so that you can exit looking fabulous and possibly famous!!

Alternatively, get a six pack like my fit friend and business partner Nat Dau and strut your stuff – it’s about the only time that people are completely distracted from her pretty face!

Embrace whatever makes you happy, lovers!

About Holleigh Mason

Holleigh Mason is the poster child for how to turn your life around and get healthy, having lost 50+kgs since in the past two years — since moving to Singapore. Finding gaps in the market for new services and consumer brands has been her professional career for over 20 years, which has now expanded to include founding Urban Remedy along with Natalie Dau. With the aim of being Asia’s number one wellness portal, Urban Remedy is about making healthy living options accessible to everyone – no matter age, race or income through global and local information, service directories, events, wellness programs and products, and for those wanting it, a very personalised wellness experience tailored to each individual through communities, content and a wellness dashboard.


And on the flipside, here’s the other half of Urban Remedy, Natalie Dau’s take on wearing your gym clothes around town in Singapore.

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