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Check Out This International School’s Cool NEW Approaches For Developing Young ‘Cre8tors’ In Singapore!

Less than two years old, The Grange Institution (TGI) has already made great strides.

The boutique international school, which boasts a lush campus in Yio Chu Kang, has continually enhanced the learning opportunities for its small, diverse community (the teacher-to-student ratio is 9 to 1). From composing and performing sustainability-focused plays – including designing the props with recycled materials!) to watching dinosaurs come to life at school, there’s always something innovative going on there.

Now, TGI is rolling out “The Grange 2.0”, which includes its new, unique Cre8tors-in-Action educational philosophy aimed at developing Global Citizens with the following 8 core competencies (explained below this handy visual):

Construction and Design

Cre8tors possess the skills to conceptualise an idea and apply the design process to construct a product. They learn to examine and critique their draft work before making refinements when working towards an original or improved final product.

Respecting the Environment

Cre8tors develop the important understanding that needed to maintain a healthy, balanced and interdependent relationship with the natural and man-made environment. They learn to implement sustainable practices to care for, respect and protect the environment.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Cre8tors are individuals who can identify a niche; conceptualise, market and deliver an idea, product or cause to their target audience. They learn to use a combination of textual, visual, auditory tools and media, coupled with technology, to sell their ideas and products in a creative manner.

Active Citizenship

Cre8tors see themselves as active global citizens who have a shared agency of the planet. They are passionate about their responsibilities to improve life on Earth. They are advocates of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and know that their actions can be personal, localised or far-reaching.

Teamwork and Partnership

Cre8tors embrace collaboration and partnership as an effective and efficient way to solving a problem. They understand that others’ strengths can complement or supplement their own. They are willing to adopt different roles in a team as the success of the mission outweighs individual accolade.

Original Ideas

Cre8tors challenge their own thinking to come up with new and original ideas that, in turn, challenge others’ thinking and mindsets. They are able to approach existing issues and situations with alternative viewpoints, in the hope to come up with original ideas, or to better existing ideas.

Recognising Issues

Cre8tors gain knowledge and awareness by researching into common issues affecting humanity on a personal, community or global basis through a balance of primary and secondary sources of information, and in the process, they might change their mindset and perspective about the issue.

Service Leadership

Cre8tors are true leaders who are selfless about taking meaningful actions to impact others and the environment. They are active in the school, local community and beyond, and are willing to devote time and energy to community causes they become passionate about.

BONUS: Exciting Curriculum!

TGI’s existing, future-focused Cambridge Primary English, Mathematics and Science curriculum provides its students with a strong foundation in learning literacy, numeracy and science. Meanwhile, its newly implemented International Primary Curriculum (IPC) complements the Cambridge Primary Curriculum to further extend the school’s vision in developing Cre8tors by providing them opportunities to engage in different multi-disciplinary thematic Units of Learning such as “Saving The World”, “Different Places, Similar Lives” and “Young Entrepreneurs”.

“The units are designed to appeal to students’ interests and help them to learn more about the world around them,” shares Principal Eugene Low. “This enables them to see the big picture of their learning, make connections across different subjects, and see topics and issues in the world from multiple perspectives.” The ultimate goal? To help students develop a growing sense of global citizenship.

Contact the team at The Grange Institution today to learn more or take a school tour!





The Grange Institution
449 Yio Chu Kang Rd, 805946
Tel: 6817 3630
Web: www.thegrange.edu.sg

By Sara Lyle Bow, March 2020

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