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Which Singapore LOCAL Food Are You? Take This Fun Quiz To Find Out!

Singapore is known for its rich food culture. 

But with so much flava, did you know each Singapore local dish has its own personality too? Take this quiz to find out which local you are most like!

1. What is your favourite colour?

a) Blue
b) Yellow
c) Red
d) Pink

2. Pick a dream vacation spot:

a) Bali
b) New York City
c) Paris
d) Kyoto

3. What do you like to do on your days off?

a) Volunteer at an animal shelter
b) Hang out with friends
c) Paint the town red
d) Stay in and snuggle with a good movie or book

4. What would you take with you to a deserted island?

a) Your favourite books
b) Your best friends
c) Your favourite food
d) Your pet

5. What is your go-to drink at a restaurant?

a) Water
b) Cocktail
c) Red Wine
d) Soda

6. What time of day do you like the most?

a) Sunrise
b) Sunset
c) Midnight
d) Noon

7. Which breed of dog do you like the best?

a) German Shepherd
b) Golden Retriever
c) Rottweiler
d) Pitbull

If you chose mostly…

singapore local food

You are Chicken Rice! It’s probably the most go-to dish at a hawker centre, and you can never really go wrong with this choice. You are dependable and people often turn to you for advice or to help out at a pinch.

singapore local food

You are Roti Prata! The ultimate supper food enjoyed with either spicy curry or sugar, and with a group of friends or family. You are a social butterfly and can get along with almost anybody.

singapore local food

You are Chilli Crab! Spicy and hot, this dish is definitely not for the faint of heart. Underneath your sometimes tough exterior lies an incredibly passionate and warm individual.

You are Red Bean Bao! The soft pillowy bao skin hides a decadent red bean paste. While you may take time to warm up to people, once you do, they will get to know the real you – and crave your company.

By Jashleen Kaur for The Finder Issue 306, March 2021 / Illustration by Tan Si Ying, Vanessa / Featured images: Kchung + Seamartini @ 123RF.com

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