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Singapore WINTER: What Is It And What To Expect

Sweater weather in Singapore does exist.

If you haven’t lived in Singapore for very long, sweater weather during “Singapore Winter” might come as a shock to you.

However, for so many used to the painstaking humidity that covers the whole island like a suffocating sauna, “winter time” in Singapore is much appreciated. Whether it be pulling out the Uniqlo jacket on a rainy day, or a light shawl for breezy mornings, everyone looks forward to cold(ish) weather in Singapore.

So what do we mean by Singapore winter? And how cold does it get?

Does Singapore have “seasons”?

We’re not talking about the classic four seasons here. Although Singapore is on the Northern hemisphere, this little island is too close to the equator (137 kilometres, to be exact) for any distinct seasons. Instead, Singaporeans are acquainted with the annual wet and dry seasons.

As such, from March to August is the nominal dry season. Then, September to February is known as the wet season, or also called monsoon season. Yet even during the dry season, there are almost daily showers. And during the wet season, the combination of heat and rain result in sticky humidity.

Regardless, Singapore’s dubbed “Winter falls” occurs around the monsoon season, as temperatures are slightly cooler. January has an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. In comparison, May has an average of 28 degrees Celsius. Trust the locals when they say those few degrees mean a great deal.

What is the lowest temperature recorded in Singapore?

On 14 February 1989, the Paya Lebar climate station recorded the lowest daily minimum temperature at 19 degrees Celsius. Brisk, for Singapore, might be an understatement.

Even more astonishing would be Singapore’s lowest daily maximum temperature at 21.2 degrees Celsius on 6 January 1934! Unfortunately, these are extremely rare cases. So don’t expect 19 or 20 degrees Celsius every wet season unless you’re ready for major heartbreak.

Gather your knits

Don’t feel embarrassed when you find anything below 26 degrees Celsius a little chilly. No one will judge you for wearing a light cardigan or even a sporty windbreaker. Plus, you might even get surprisingly cold days in random parts of the year. Just this July, the North of Singapore saw temperatures as low as 22.6 degrees Celsius in the late morning. Now that’s guaranteed sweater weather!

Originally by Isabel Wibowo, August 2021

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