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This Singaporean Work-At-Home Mum Shares Her Story And It Will Inspire You

Giving up a stable career to carve out an online business from scratch while juggling Mummy duties sounds like a huge risk to take. But when you’re a can-do millennial like Rae Yun, that isn’t a far-fetched idea. 

image: @theramengirl

When her son Jun Jie turned seven months old, Rae decided to quit her full-time job as an assistant marketing manager to run Oh Happy Fry from home. The lifestyle Web store, which stocks children’s clothing, accessories, toys and home decor from around the world, is also an outlet for Rae to push her creative boundaries.

image: ohhappyfry.com

“It takes strength and courage to walk away from a good career with attractive benefits, especially in the initial months when you’re starting out to build a brand. But an online business allowed me the flexibility to work from home and care for my child,” says Rae, who used to do marketing for brands such as Tangs, Goods of Desire and Dr Martens. 

The huge risk she took paid off. From just one to two online orders a day, she now sends out hundreds of packages each month.

But working from home is not all roses. She struggles to find a balance between her work and Mummy hours. 

“Work-from-home mums appear to have the life many mums dream of. The truth is, it is not easy to separate home and work when your office is also your living room or kitchen,” shares Rae, who is expecting her second child in August.   

“There are days when I wish I could just put on some decent clothes and work in a nine-to-five job. But my husband and I know deep down that being at home for our child is currently the best decision for us as a family.” 

She shares more in this video interview, and how she manages her popular Instagram account which has over 10,000 followers.


By Young Parents, 5 May 2016


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