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Singapore’s Out Of Water!: Best Hacks To Save Water At Home

SOS! We’re out of water, says Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. 

Here are five easy ways to save this precious resource.


1. In your bathroom

– Reduce shower time by one minute, and turn off the tap when soaping.

– Use a tumbler when brushing your teeth.

– For dual-flush flushing cisterns, use reduced flush for liquid waste.

– Opt for showers, rather than baths in the bathtub.

– Wait for the water to heat up, before turning on the tap for hot showers.


2. In your kitchen

– Wash dishes and vegetables in a basin, and not under a running tap.

– Do not thaw food under running water. Let it defrost overnight in the fridge instead.

– Use water leftover from boiling to water your plants, after it has cooled.

– Wash full loads, if you are using a dishwasher.


3. When doing your laundry

– Run the washing machine only on a full load.

– Collect the rinse water from the washer to flush the toilet or mop the floor.


4. Housekeeping outdoors

– Keep car washing to a minimum. Use a bucket and not a running hose.

– Water plants by using a watering can instead of a running hose. Reduce the frequency of watering to every third day and not more than 15 minutes each time.

– Water plants in the early morning or late evening (before 7am and after 7pm) to minimise evaporation losses.


5. Others

– Monitor your water bill to track water consumption. If it is more than average, relook your water usage habits.

– Install thimbles or water saving devices at taps with high flow rate.

– Turn off taps tightly to ensure they do not drip.

– Check for leaks in flushing cisterns, pipes and taps, and repair them promptly to prevent water wastage.

– Check for leaks regularly by turning off all taps and checking the water meter. If the meter counter dial continues to run, it means there is a leak.

-Wash your pets outdoors, if you have a garden and outdoor plants.


For more tips, visit the PUB website


By Jessie Lim, The Straits Times, 13 April 2016


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