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Survive the Haze in Singapore

Thank goodness it’s gone! But will it be back this year or next? Read on to prepare — and help prevent it in the future (hint: cut down on those products with palm oil).


1. Haze in Singapore: What You Need to Know 

Why it’s happening. What is being done. What you can do.


2. Great Websites for Information on the Haze, Your Health and How You Can Help 

Reputable sources for all kinds of information on haze related issues.


3. How to Buy the Right Mask to Protect Against the Singapore Haze

Tips on the best kinds of masks to buy.


4. The Truth about Palm Oil and the Singapore Haze

Why palm oil production is so detrimental to the environment and what you can do to help.


5. What You Can Do to Fight the Haze 

Organizations you can join/support and action you can take to fight the haze.


6. The Long History of the Singapore Haze

A look back at the decades long crisis of haze in Singapore.


7. The Haze in Singapore Will Likely Continue into 2016

What makes the haze stay longer than is welcomed?


8. Traditional Chinese Medicine to Help Alleviate Health Problems Associated with Haze

TCM remedies to try to help protect you and your family against health problems associated with the haze.


9. The PSI Number You Really Need to Watch 

Learn what the PSI measures and what the numbers mean.


10. How Harmful are High PSI Levels to Your Health?

Even the experts are divided on what the PSI numbers mean for your health.


11. Is it Time to Invest in an Air Purifier?

Learn how air purifiers work and what to look for before purchasing one.


12. How to Buy the Most Effective Air Purifier for Your Home

Learn which size, brand and type of air purifier you need to effectively clean the air in your home.


13. 37 Fun, Indoor Activities To Do With Kids at Home

Stuck inside on a hazy day? These activities will help keep the kids entertained and you sane.


14. Best Websites and Apps to Check Air Quality in Singapore

The most popular apps used to check air quality.


15. How to Care for Your Skin in the Hazy Singapore Air

Great tips focused on skin care and the haze.


16. Use Plants to Help Purify Your Indoor Air

Great plants that can serve double duty cleaning household toxins from the air.

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