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There’s Actually Mosquito-Repelling Jewelry That Can Protect You Against Zika In Singapore!

The Zika outbreak worked Singaporeans into a frenzy – mosquito repellents have been completely wiped off the shelves at supermarkets, and tons of worried citizens are flocking to get checked for the virus. 

Here’s the most innovative preventive solution yet: mosquito-repelling jewelry

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Singaporean self-taught jewellery maker Trixie Khong of online jewelry boutique By Invite Only recently launched a line of jade necklaces and bracelets featuring filigree lockets that contain citronella-filled beads that have mosquito-repelling properties. 

The inspiration behind the designs stem from the fact that people typically don’t have the habit of taking insect repelling out with them – hence the idea to fuse fashion and the concept of safety with Jade, a classic Chinese symbol of protection against evil and bad luck, as the core element of the collection. 

The four designs in the collection cost between $48 to $65, while the individual citronella beads cost $4.90 each.  

The citronella in the beads masks carbon dioxide and lactic acid in humans, two scents that are attractive to mosquitoes. 

The beads can keep mosquitoes away for up to seven days. 

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