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These Beautiful Photos Of Life In Singapore’s Heartlands Will Make You Wish You Lived There Too

Celebrating life in the heartlands

Other than vibrant neighbourhoods, the friendships and ties forged with our neighbours are what make living in the heartlands endearing.

The theme for the ‘Celebrating LIFE in the Heartlands’ Photography Competition 2016 was ‘friendly faces, lively places’. The winning entries of the competition – fleeting, priceless moments in time beautifully captured and made lasting – will warm your heart and make you feel right at home in Singapore. 


Open Category

First prize: “Stories Across Storeys” by Hang Loo Ming

Take a closer look at the lively happenings along the corridors of our HDB blocks. During Chinese New Year, the lion dance troupe livens up and adds colours to the whole neighbourhood. 


Second prize: “A Sweet Deal” by Ng Kah Soon

Heartlanders can find great deals in their neighbourhood. Fruits are being sold low prices whenever they are in season at the popular Chong Pang Market.


Third prize: “Children Foam Party” by Tan Choon Lai

Children are making friends and having a fun time together with the foam regardless of their race, language or religion.


Instagram category

First prize: “Tai Chi Masters” by Chan Wai Meng

Like a martial arts movie scene set against the backdrop of HDB flats – regular Tai Chi sessions allow residents to build their fitness levels and communal bonds with their neighbours.


Second prize: “Heart of the Park” by Chen Wen Yun

Heartlanders from all walks of life gather at this community park every morning without fail. They are the ‘stars’ that brings life to this place.


Third prize: “Sharing a Moment” by Kirthana D/O Ganeson

The void deck is a treasure trove of fond memories shared by residents, such as this adorable couple from Ang Mo Kio.


By Pinky Chng, May 2016
images: hdb.gov.sg


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