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Tips & Tricks to Make Laundry Fun for the Kids

Turn the chore of washing into a day of entertainment for you and your kids.

  • Towel Origami – Folding and keeping your clothes can be time-consuming. Get your kids to help by turning it into a towel origami session. Go to designtaxi.com and search “towel origami” for some creative ideas.


  • Quiz Time – Kids are naturally inquisitive. Laundry time is a good chance to teach them the basic functions on the washing machine, and then quizzing them on what they’ve learnt.
  • Shoot & Win! – Why not turn sorting laundry into a game of skill? Line up laundry baskets and assign each to a family member using a simple label. Get the kids to sort and toss the clothes into the correct baskets from a distance. Not only will they learn how to sort, but they’ll also perfect their jump shot.
  • Don’t Forget The Toys – Soft toys, stuffed animals and dolls’ clothes get dirty easily with hours of play and accumulated dust. Encourage your young ones to go round the house, gathering them into a laundry bag for the washing machine. This teaches them the importance of caring for their belongings. 

  • Just Dance – Doing anything is always more fun with music, so take out the music player during laundry time. Put on some of your kids’ favourite songs and sing and dance away. If you have a front-loader washer with a clear window, they can spin along with the washing!


By Sean Tan, The Singapore Women’s Weekly, October 2014

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