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Top 10 Tablet Games for the Family

Enjoy hours of quality time with your kids and hubby with these engaging games. 



Play it with kids from nine years old. If you like game shows, raise the volume and team up with your hubby and kids against an online player, or create teams within the family. Based on the US television show of the same name, this requires you to guess the most popular answers to questions – the more popular the answer, the higher the points you get – and play fast rounds, so you can win more virtual coins.

GET IT: Free from iTunes and Google Play


Play it with kids from six years old. The game gives you and your kids the freedom to build your own virtual world using blocks made of different materials – think Lego in a tablet. Play it using multiple tablets, so you can meet online and help each other create homes, gardens, anything you fancy, or defend each other against enemies and monsters. Be warned: It can be addictive.

GET IT: $8.98 from iTunes and Google Play


Play it with kids from nine years old. This adventure game with strikingly beautiful visuals is set in a Japanese pop-up book, and is ideal for quiet afternoons. Enjoy the hand-painted art and listen to the calming music – an original sound track made just for this game – as you wander through different landscapes and solve puzzles to continue your journey. If you know how to make pop-ups, you can even recreate all the images you see in the game with paper, scissors and glue.

GET IT: $5.98 from iTunes


Play it with kids from nine years old. If you love trivia, this is the game for you. You can play against family members

using your individual tablets, or team up as a family to challenge an opponent anywhere in the world. With a host of frequently updated categories, this game is highly educational. Don’t be surprised if your kids beat you in topics like the movie Frozen.

GET IT: Free from iTunes and Google Play


Play it with kids from six years old. This gem of a game features captivating landscapes and monuments you can manipulate to guide a princess along on her quest. Explore the surreal world together with your kids to find the hidden paths that allow you to move forward. Set to soothing music that reacts to your moves, the game encourages you to shift your perspectives and experiment through trial and error.

GET IT: $4.98 from iTunes and Google Play


Play it with kids from six years old. You may have played this on paper when you were younger, and now you can

share it with your kids. You pick a storyline, and fill in words to make up your version of the story. Help your kids expand their vocabulary by choosing nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives, then read the story together and have a good laugh when you’re done.

GET IT: Free from iTunes


Play it with kids from nine years old. Use your memory and a bit of luck to place medallions – which show historical events, famous inventions or discoveries – in chronological order. Age may give you an advantage over your kids, but you can use this as a fun learning platform, as each event or item comes with a short description. The game ends when you’ve placed all your medallions correctly. You just have to use one tablet, so play and pass it along.

GET IT: $3.98 from iTunes


Play it with kids from six years old. Six coloured buttons represent different tones. As they light up and play sounds, you have to re-create the whole sequence by tapping the right buttons. It gets more complicated and faster as you go along. Try it with younger kids to introduce them to various tones while sharpening your own memory.

GET IT: Free from iTunes and Google Play


Play it with kids from nine years old. Take turns drawing on the tablet and letting your teammates guess the words or phrases they represent. You’re all bound to come up with something that looks completely silly, especially if your artistic skills are nonexistent. But don’t let that stop you – it’s part of the fun. You can even share your masterpieces on Facebook and through e-mail.

GET IT: Free from iTunes and Google Play


Play it with kids from nine years old. Name animals, characters and movies in this guessing game, which the family

only needs one device to play. One player holds the tablet up over his forehead with the word or phrase displayed on it, while you have to think quickly and creatively to give him clues – you can even act it out – so he can guess what it is before time runs out.

GET IT: $1.28 from iTunes; free from Google Play. For something similar with Singaporean themes, try Guess The Word SG (free from iTunes and Google Play).


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By Trixia Carungcong, Simply Her, November 2014

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