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True Story: How Teachers At This International School In Singapore Discipline Students

Inspiring mutual respect

As children grow, their notion of respect changes.

When asserting their budding independence, some students may unintentionally disrupt the class by questioning authority. This can lead to a negative classroom culture.

At the Integrated International School (IIS), teachers encourage an environment that fosters mutual respect between students and teachers. Active learning takes on the approach of a shared value between two parties, allowing mentor and mentee to work as a team.

Here’s how.


Encourage students to reflect on and share how they have shown respect for others

Such classroom culture fosters inclusivity and sends the message that what each person has to say is valuable and holds signifi cance to the class, of which they are an equally contributing member.


Discipline discreetly

Teachers pull students aside to deal with problem issues calmly.

This shows consideration and communicates respect, creating a safe and conducive environment.


Set clear, consistent goals and expectations

Instead of demanding compliance, teachers push students to achieve their best in a respectful manner.

Exercises that promote goal setting can be as simple as spending three minutes every week with students, exploring the question “What do you want to get out of this week?”


From The Finder, October 2016


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