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True Story: I Tried Reiki For Asian Holistic Healing, And It Worked Like Magic

By Finder blogger: Andrea McKenna


Southeast Asia is a hotbed for holistic health practices. From TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to acupuncture to reiki, there are so many nearby options just here in Singapore to help you manage stress, illnesses, injuries or just general health.

I’ve been interested in this lifestyle since before moving to Singapore 5+ years ago but didn’t always have the access. Which is why I feel lucky that I can try these things out here.

And I did. And it worked.

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I am kind of a hippy. Sort of. I teach yoga. I have tattoos. I like energy and all things holistic and spiritual. Having said that, I drink champagne and beer and I am known to frequent heavy metal concerts, too. So I have balance.

Recently, that balance was knocked way out of whack when I had a skin graft surgery. OMG, was I in some pain!

Coincidentally, I had signed up for a long-awaited Usui Reiki Level 1 training at One Heart in Joo Chiat. I wasn’t sure if I would be up to attending, especially since the day after surgery I was in a whole lot of discomfort.

However, I decided to go and hopefully get my mind of the discomfort and learn some new “hippy” skills.

The training involved some attunements, which connect you to the reiki energy, as well as informational lectures on what reiki is, its history and how to use it.

My teacher, Jaslyn, explained how reiki works:

“Reiki restores the body both physically and mentally. The treatment involves healing energy, which is channeled from the practitioner to the patient to enhance energy level, reduce stress, pain, and fatigue.

“It opens up a channel between healer and patient to transfer energy.  It does not drain the energy of the giver as the giver is just a conduit for the treatment.

“During a Reiki session, muscles are relaxed, and usually drift into the Alpha mode (relaxed brain wave state). This helps reduce physical tension, pain and enhance healing at a deeper level. Anxiety and stress also are reduced, helping to unblock and release emotional pain. Although you may not be completely pain-free, you feel relaxed, refreshed, and better able to cope with your condition.”

The amazing thing for me was that after some practicing in the session I started to feel no pain. Not just less pain, but no pain.

I was almost euphoric with the this feeling of relief from the reduced pain. I’ve done energy work for years—chakras, sound, kundalini, etc.–and I have never experienced such a strong positive reaction to it, even with other reiki sessions I’ve done in the past.

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Look, I’m not one to put stock in airy-fairy stuff unless I can prove that it works. Well, now I can: Reiki significantly improved my pain situation post-surgery. It’s a fact for me.

If you’re interested in having reiki done on you, attend a group reiki event or learn reiki yourself, check out One Heart and The Reiki Centre.

One of the main Singapore practitioners, Elaine Grundy, who runs The Reiki Centre and is a Master Teacher, also has written a book called Reiki Pure and Simple, which explains how reiki works and how it can improve health. The book includes clinical research information, which is a major plus. 

Wherever the reiki energy comes from, I am thankful for its healing.

If you are in pain, need stress relief or just want to keep up your health, I hope you will consider trying out some new holistic health methods whilst you are here in Singapore. Reiki was a success for me. Happy healing!

About Andrea McKenna

Andrea McKenna Brankin is journalist and author from the United States who lives a full life with bipolar disorder. Her book, Bipolar Phoenix, is awaiting a publishing contract. She is also currently a volunteer at the DaySpring Residential Treatment Centre for teen girls in Singapore, providing befriending-family support, therapeutic writing and rugby coaching.

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